Information about customer reservation, payment, and delivery is automatically sent
Important events are not missed, improving open rate of messages


Automatic Reminder of Customer Status

Remind customer service representatives to follow up on customer status and provide customers with high-quality service.

Automatic Reminder of Appointment Time

Remind customers of the appointment time for avoiding missed appointments

Increase Product Exposure

The latest offers are automatically blasted to let more customers know about new products

*Why do I need automatic reminder messages?*

Education Center

Remind parents to pay next month's tuition fee

Services that require booking system

Reminders to attend on time.

Selling consumable products
(e.g. masks)

Reminds that the product is about to run out and needs to be reordered.

Customer case


Automatically Remind Customer Service Representatives to Follow Up with Customers, Never Miss Any Customer Inquiry

Our client “iitutors” has improved customer service processing speed through setting up dumbChat’s automatic reminder function, and successfully gained customer trust and appreciation. After the customer successfully enrolled a course, almost every customer requires colleagues to follow up on course details. Once dumbChat receives the customer’s message, if there is no customer service response for a while, it will automatically remind the customer service to follow up as soon as possible.

For example, the customer service representative has to remind the customer about the course’s start date shortly after the customer successfully enrolled the iitutors course, and also reminds the tutor to prepare for the course. After preselecting time on dumbChat, course information will be sent to the customer service at the beginning of the course, so that the customer service can follow up and better arrange the course activities.

After using dumbChat, they can log in to dumbChat at any time to learn about the customer service representatives’ performance, parents’ expectation for courses, and the response to parents’ inquiries. For commonly asked inquiries, colleagues can set up multiple automated response templates under “Quick Reply”. Once such inquiry is received, they can select the appropriate quick reply message with one click, significantly reduce the time for drafting.



Automatically Send Message at Scheduled Time, Ensure Appointment Information is Synchronized

Our client “Ear’s” often uses dumbChat’s automatic reminder message function. After the customer makes an appointment for the ear cleaning service, dumbChat’s automatic reminder function will automatically send a message to remind the customer when the appointment time is approaching, so as to prevent the customer from missing the appointment.

For example, “Ear’s” customers may occasionally forget or remember wrong the time of their appointment after successfully booking the ear cleaning service and missing the appointment. Some may realising that they visit the store at the wrong time upon arrival. Some could be late for the appointment even though “Ear’s” staf is ready for ear cleaning. dumbChat’s automatic reminder function reminds customers to arrive promptly before the appointment time.

After using dumbChat, our work efficiency has increased by over 30%! It helps to delivery faster customer service and shorten turnaround time, which greatly reduces customer complaints caused by long waiting time.

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