dumbChat allows sending of bulk promotional messages, and hence boosting customer repeat-purchase rate.


Send Group Messages Simply in One Step

Send group marketing messages regularly, simple and efficient.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Sending personalized group messages to make customers feel cordial.

Managing Multiple Platforms Simultaneously

Sending group messages to customers on different platforms at the same time (except FB messenger).

Tailoring to Customers’ Needs

Label and classify customers, and send corresponding information precisely .

What is Chat Commerce?

Chat Commerce is about building relationships with customers through instant messaging channels such as WhatsApp and Messenger, thereby greatly enhancing return customer rate.


WhatsApp also has a broadcast function. Why do I still need dumbChat?

Customer case


Send Customised Messages According to Customer Labels to Carry Out Precision Marketing

Our client “Toyzone ” often uses the broadcast function of dumbChat to regularly send information about latest sales activities to customers with different preferences, which makes customers feel more cordial and improves the probability of repeat customers.

For example, “Toyzone” collects different types of toys from various countries and regions, whilst preferences vary from one to another. For instance, some customers prefer Japanese animation figures, while others prefer character figures from Europe and the United States, etc..  “Toyzone ” will use dumbChat to label customers with different tags after their initial inquiry and purchase. If there are new Japanese figures arriving, the promotion materials of these new toys will be sent to customers who like Japanese toys, thus increasing the repeat purchase rate of customers.

Prior to using dumbChat, we used to recevive large number of incoming customer inquiries every day, but only one customer service representative was able to follow-up on these inquiries. The efficiency was limited, and customers would give up the consultation after waiting for a long time, thus losing potential customers. Now multiple people can log in to the platform at the same time, and we can handle customer inquiries as quickly as possible. We will no longer lose potential customers and successfully increase sales volume.

Travel Pop

Send Group Messages on Different Platforms at the Same Time, Easy to Manage

Our client “Travel Pop Store” often receives customer messages from different instant messaging platforms. Using dumbChat, “Travel Pop Store” is able to send group messages to customers on these two different platforms at the same time  , which is very convenient.

For example, when “Travel Pop Store” has new products arriving , they need to send an “Arrival Notification” to customers, and some of the customers use SMS, while some may use WhatsApp, etc., dumbChat enables users to manage customers from different platforms through one interface at the same time, sending the latest information to users of these two platforms, and hence improving customer service efficiency.

After using dumbChat, our work efficiency has increased by over 30%! It speeds up the processing of customer service and significantly reduce the turnaround time, which greatly reduces customercomplaints caused by long waiting time.

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