dumbChat closely tracks customer purchase behavior in real time, and helps you grasp business opportunities


Easily Check On Customer Orders

Simply check customer information by clicking a button, statistical analysis in one step.

Improve Return Customer Rate

Consolidates customer sales history, assist customer service representatives in precision marketing.

Explore Potential Customers

Analyze customers' spending behavior, target potential customers.

Improve Conversations With Customers

Allow labelling and categorising conversations, follow up on customer needs

*Why do you need customer spending history?*

Whether you are front line sales staff or customer service representatives, you are able to instantly identify returning customers and reply promptly.

Provide relevant product/service suggestions, such as knowing that a customer has purchased product A, and the customer service representative can cross-sell product B

【dumbChat’s Unique Functions】
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  • You can upload product information on dumbChat
  • During the conversation between the staff and the customer,customer service representative can easily send the product information with one click, which is convenient and fast
  • Then the customer can click to enter the website to make payment
  • Or pay directly (without going through the website) via FPS

Customer case

SC Storage

Easily Pull Out Customer Purchase History, Improve Customer Service Quality

Our client “SC Storage” heavily relies on dumbChat’s customer purchase history. Customers often need to check their orders from the customer service, and dumbChat enables the customer service representatives to save a lot of time by quickly pull out the customers’ orders.

For example, when “SC Storage” completes the rental procedure, customers may forget the specific location of their mini warehouse after a period of time, and often re-check with customer service. dumbChat’s customer sales record function collects corresponding customer’s order information, then can quickly respons to the customer’s inquiry.

dumbChat AI is useful! Prior to using dumbChat,we need to check each order manually if there are customers asking about their orders. After using dumbChat AI, we can automatically reply to the customer’s order after customizing keywords, which greatly reduces the workload by 30%!


Consolidate Customer Spending Records, Analyze Customer Spending Pattern

dumbChat helps our client “Woody” Restaurant to analyze customer preferences through customer purchase history and hence allowing “Woody” Restaurant to adjust marketing strategies according to the statistical results of dumbChat’s report function to reduce food waste and save costs.

For example, all ingredients have an expiration date, but fresh ingredients must be used for cooking. When purchasing ingredients, “Woody” must pay great attention to the quantity of ingredients. To avoid wasting of ingredients, “Woody” needs to buy more ingredients for popular dishes, while less ingredients has to be sourced for less popular dishes. dumbChat’s customer order history feature allows “Woody” to easily estimate quantity of dishes and understand which dish is more popular among customers.

We a different food menu every day, as a result, customers would call to inquire about our daily menu. After using dumbChat, we no longer reply to customer’s inquiries manually. dumChat’s quick reply feature allows us to send over the menu with photos and text with click of a button, hence saving considerable amount of my employees’ time and free them from replying to customer’s inquiries.

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