FAQ & Answer about dumbChat.AI

dumbChat. AI is an instant messaging platform that can connect your website and all messaging channels. It can be combined with the artificial intelligence management system of self-monitoring and learning. It can fully automatically understand product information and sales on your official website and provide accurate customer relationship management services.

dumbChat.AI allows you to integrate different instant messaging software on the same platform, equipped with an automated A.I. conversational sales system with self-learning capabilities.

Just enter simple information, dumbChat can immediately analyze all product information, and accurately answer all product related inquiries to customers, so that customers can more quickly understand product types, discounts, inventory and other information, and link up to the website.

You can send targeted promotion messages to different target customers (divided by age, gender, interest, occupation, income, living area, etc.), and carries out real-time promotion messages, preset promotion messages in different periods, etc. via dumbChat.AI

dumbChat.AI supports automatic answering in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English.

Natural language processing (NLP) is a sub field of artificial intelligence, which is related to the interaction between computer and human language, especially how to process and analyze a large number of natural language data. dumbChat.AI can set keywords to trigger the template information reply of natural language processing technology (NLP), and can send pictures, videos, files, etc. to solve guests’ questions.

dumbChat. AI is suitable for different types of companies.. Dumbchat can be used not only in the retail industry selling products and food, but also in service industries such as restaurants, beauty shops and clinics to optimize customer service experience, make customers feel high-quality service, and make customers satisfied with the product or service sales process.

You can use the WhatsApp app to scan the QR code generated in dumbchat.AI for quick login, which takes only a few seconds.。

Yes, dumbchat.AI system interface can connect your company’s existing software through API, and can also preset expansion mechanism to expand system functions, such as sending detailed transaction information, shopping cart omission reminder and delivery notice, dumbchat.AI will integrate messaging and synchronization contacts, and we will also provide simple teaching of API connection.

dumbChat. AI has a strong ability to collect customer information, record the behavior track of each customer, and then carry out targeted and personalized batch marketing. It can provide intelligent list, label and classify different customers, and provide real-time analysis of customer data. With clear data, you can understand customers’ consumption footprint in more aspects and provide high-quality services, So as to increase your company’s sales.

dumbChat.AI can automatically answer and handle guest’s questions 24/7. It also has the function of quick reply, so that the company can solve the basic questions and enquires of customers efficiently.

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