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Build up a closer relationship with your customer

WhatsApp Marketing

How to increase sales? Let WhatsApp message templates help you!

In today’s digital age, establishing a close relationship between businesses and customers is crucial. WhatsApp message templates can help businesses enhance interaction with customers and provide personalized communication and content push according to different groups! This article will popularize how

WhatsApp vs SMS: Which Suits Your Marketing Needs More?

Currently, we have more and more choices to stay connected with family and friends. With technological advancements, people increasingly rely on instant messaging tools to convey messages, and at the same time, they are also powerful tools for receiving marketing

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WhatsApp marketing techniques, marketing strategies

With the rapid expansion of the internet, online shops have proliferated, and many customers prefer shopping and making purchases on online stores that operate 24 hours a day compared to physical stores. Many merchants have also opened their own online

WhatsApp’s Secret Code: Taking Your Privacy to the Next Level

In May of this year, WhatsApp introduced the “Conversation Lock” feature to assist users in organizing conversations they don’t want others to see into hidden folders. Now, WhatsApp is introducing further updates with the addition of the “Secret Code” feature, enhancing

Whatsapp API

WhatsApp Official Business API vs Third-Party Business API

WhatsApp has a significant user base in Hong Kong, and many businesses prioritise using WhatsApp as a communication platform with their customers.  However, the features provided by regular WhatsApp may not fully meet business needs. Therefore, WhatsApp introduced WhatsApp Business,

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