Instant Auto-Reply
Data survey: 70% of customers expect response within 30 minutes

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Build Closer Relationship with Customers

Personalize greetings depending on the time of day

Automated Reply to Customer Inquiries

Automatically reply to incoming message, avoid missing any customer messages

Maintain Customer Loyalty

Keep customers informed of latest offers and events

Reduce Workload of Customer Service Representatives

Automated reply to common questions and eliminate burdensome processes

*Automatically reply to common questions and eliminate cumbersome processes*

· Automated response to commonly asked questions during non-office hours

· Save customer service representatives’ time

Customer case


Automatically Reply to Customer Inquiries,
Stop wasting time on replying frequently asked questions manually!

Our customer “Flyday” uses the auto-reply query function to help customer service representatives to respond to customers’ repeated inquiries about hotel offers, and free up customer service representatives to handle more complicated manual problems.

For example,“Flyday” website publishes different hotel promotions every day, and customers expect to book hotels at more affordable prices. Sometimes they may directly ask the customer service representatives for prices or are unclear about some offers, however frequently replying to repeated questions increases the burden of the customer service representatives. After using dumbChat’s automatic reply query function to set up reply template for these repeated questions, the customer service can simply enter “/” to reply quickly, without having to draft the reply one by one.

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Prior to using dumbChat, we were overwhelmed by customer inquiries every day, but only one customer service could answer to the inquiries. The efficiency was low and customers would give up the consultation when waiting time was long, thus losing potential customers. Now multiple people can log in to the platform at the same time, and we can promptly handle customer inquiries, never lose potential customers and increase business volume.


24-Hour Message Auto-Reply,
Avoid Missing Customers

Our client  “MySeason” sometimes has customers who inquire about wedding services when the customer service is not at work. dumbChat’s auto-reply query function works 24/7. Even during non-working hours, it can also answer incoming basic questions from customers.

For example, the business hours of “MySeason” are 12 noon to 8pm, but customers may also make inquiries during non-working hours. dumbChat’s auto-reply query function is able to reply to basic inquiries from customers even during non-working hours. If they need a real person answering to the question, it can also automatically reply and suggest the customer to contact the customer service representative during working hours, so that the customer can wait for the customer service representatives to get back to work and then let them to answer the inquiries.

After using dumbChat, our work efficiency has increased by nearly 30%! It speeds up the processing of customer service and improves the speed of response, which greatly reduces the complaints caused by customers who need to wait for a long time.

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