dumbChat lets teams share one WhatsApp account to serve all clients


Easily Maintain Customer Relationships

Keyword Auto-Reply Messages, lessen the workload

Quickly Handle Customer Inquiries

Deal with Frequently Asked Questions, Save Your Time

Improve Team Management

Customer Service Authority Management, Clear Division of Labor

Improve Conversational Service

Allow Labels and Categorize Conversations, Track Customer Needs

*Allow Labels and Categorize Conversations, Track Customer Needs*

I have multiple branches and each branch has a different WhatsApp number which is difficult to manage.

I have multiple branches, but I don’t know how well the store manager/customer service communicates with customers…

dumbChat can link WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat and other queries of all branches. After logging into dumbChat, customer service can reply to inquiries from different branches at the same time. Be clear at a glance, it greatly improves our work efficiency.

dumbChat can set three authority level. Management can check the replies of staffs to ensure service quality.

Customer Case

Tung Wah Moving Service Co. Ltd.

Can Assign designated staff to handle Conversations, Divert Customers

Our client “Tung Wah Moving Service Co. Ltd.” makes full use of this function to handle a large number of customer service messages. Through dumbChat’s customer service assign function, conversations can be assigned to staffs in different departments, speeding up the time it takes to respond to customers.

For example: When a customer inquire about the service process, the customer service of Tung Wah can quickly assign the customer to the operation team, and the operation team understands the customer’s moving needs (moving time, location, quantity of goods, etc.) ,then assign them to the appropriate team, so that customers can communicate directly with them. It saves the time of staffs dealing with cross-departmental communication, responds to customers more quickly, and reduces the manpower and time to follow up.


When not using dumbChat before, we had to face a large number of customer inquiries every day, but only one customer service could answer the inquiries. The efficiency was limited, and customers would give up the consultation after waiting too long, thus missing potential customers. Now multiple people can login the platform at the same time, and we can handle customer inquiries as soon as possible. We will no longer miss potential customers and increase business volume.


Atto Health

Three Authority Level, Focus on Replying to Exclusive Conversations

Our client “Atto Health” has two clinics in Hong Kong and only uses one WhatsApp account to serve customers. The operating hours and prices of each branch are slightly different. Through the authority level function of dumbChat, it is convenient to establish a harmonious team, and customer service of each branch is carried out in an orderly manner.

For example: The boss (administrator) sets the customer service of each clinic as different teams, and each clinic can only view their own WhatsApp conversations. When a customer who has been always visiting the Central Clinic, the administrator will assign this customer to the Central Team, and the customer service of another branch cannot view any information of this customer, they can only focus on the conversation in their own branch.

After using dumbChat, our work efficiency has increased by nearly 30%! It speeds up the processing of customer service and improves the speed of response, which greatly reduces the complaints caused by customers who need to wait for a long time.

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