WhatsApp Marketing Online Webinar

How SMEs increase their sales through WhatsApp

A common misconception is that using Chatbot's auto-reply function can solve problems. This is a wasted opportunity to boost sales. WhatsApp is not only a "Customer Service Tool", but also a "Sales Channel". You will know more after watching this webinar.

In this Webinar, you will learn about:

WhatsApp CRM
Record customer information is more important than you think

This is the most overlooked point in the retail industries. In the past, it was possible to rely solely on store traffic, but today it is no longer feasible. The sales, who often have nothing to do, can try hard to contact customers via WhatsApp to increase repeated order.

Multi-Agents on WhatsApp
How to save time and manage more efficiently

Many retail industries require multiple people to log in to a WhatsApp account at the same time or have multiple WhatsApp accounts that needs centralized in one interface to reply. Without tools, it's easy to get confused. Poor customer experience will directly lead to a negative impact on the company image.

WhatsApp Promotion
Automatic/manual/classified broadcast message

It's easy to disgust customers by sending out insensitive mass marketing messages to all customers. What is the effective way? Promote targeted messages based on what customers have consumed.

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Did you encounter these problems?

Front-line sales have nothing to do

In the past, it was possible to rely solely on store traffic, but today it is no longer feasible. The sales can try hard to contact customers via WhatsApp in their idle time to build better relationships and to increase sales.

WhatsApp has too many messages out of sync and is very confusing

There are too many queries and too many repetitive questions. The message on WhatsApp Web don't sync with those on the phone, and they don't know whether their colleagues have replied. And they often need to remind colleagues to follow up with customers. It's not clear how this can be done systematically.

Speaker Yuku Ng

  • More than 20 years of R&D experience in the technology industry
  • Now mainly develops solutions for CRM customer service experience and Chat Commerce
  • Winner of the Hong Kong ICT Awards in 2021

WhatsApp Marketing Online Webinar

Learn how to increase the sales with WhatsApp and save time

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Customer Feedback


Prior to implementing dumbChat, customers often check stock availability of certain toy product on our website. After using dumbChat, chatbot automatically replies customers using NLP techniques of artificial intelligence, which share information on stock availability to customers and access link to the product being inquired on our website at once. Customers can then pay directly on the website, enabling faster checkouts and facilitating more convenient shopping experience.

Loyal Benefit

We update our food menu every day, as a result, customers would call and inquire about our daily menu. After using dumbChat, we no longer reply to customer’s inquiries manually. dumChat’s quick reply feature allows us to send over the menu with photos and text with the click of a button, hence saving considerable amount of my employees’ time and free them from replying to customer’s inquiries.

SC storage

dumbChat integrates our company's official website with WhatsApp. When customers inquire on our company website about mini storage service that we offer, our colleagues are able to handle incoming inquiries from multiple platforms and channels at once through dumbChat. Not to mention convenience, dumbChat’s automatic reply feature is also very precise, which notably lessen our colleagues’ workload in handling customer inquiries.

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