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WhatsApp’s Secret Code: Taking Your Privacy to the Next Level

In May of this year, WhatsApp introduced the “Conversation Lock” feature to assist users in organizing conversations they don’t want others to see into hidden folders. Now, WhatsApp is introducing further updates with the addition of the “Secret Code” feature, enhancing the privacy protection of conversations. Let’s learn more about this feature together!

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WhatsApp “Secret Code” Feature

The WhatsApp’s Secret Code feature enhances the security of users’ confidential conversations. This additional feature builds upon the “Conversation Lock” functionality, allowing users to set a separate password, different from the phone unlock code, to further enhance the privacy protection of locked conversations. 

Additionally, users can choose to hide the “Locked Conversations” folder in the conversation list, ensuring that even if someone gains access to the phone password and opens the WhatsApp application, they won’t be able to discover the existence of this folder.


What Can This Latest Feature Do?

With the “Secret Code” feature in WhatsApp, users can now set a dedicated password, different from their phone unlock code, to further enhance the privacy of locked conversations. They have the option to hide the “Locked Conversations” folder in the conversation list, requiring the secret code to be entered in the search bar to access these conversations. 

Alternatively, users can choose to display these conversations in the conversation list if hiding them doesn’t meet their needs. Additionally, locking any new conversation for protection is made simpler by long-pressing on it, eliminating the need to navigate to the conversation’s settings.


Minimise WhatsApp Message Leaks

To minimize WhatsApp message leaks, if users want to access locked and hidden confidential conversations, they need to enter the secret code they’ve set in the search bar. This secret code can consist of letters, numbers, symbols, or emojis, significantly enhancing privacy. 

To make it easier for users to lock new conversations, they can now simply long-press on them without the need to navigate to the conversation settings.


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Last Updated on 2024-03-19

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