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With the rapid expansion of the internet, online shops have proliferated, and many customers prefer shopping and making purchases on online stores that operate 24 hours a day compared to physical stores. Many merchants have also opened their own online stores on the internet. This trend is accompanied by the development of various social media platforms. Taking WhatsApp as an example, with over 2 billion active users worldwide each month, it serves as a tremendous platform for businesses. Almost all businesses can find their potential customers here. Moreover, after being acquired by Facebook, WhatsApp can now be linked with Facebook and Instagram. Merchants can directly set up a “Click to WhatsApp” button on Facebook and Instagram, allowing customers to contact them directly through this button without needing to add the number to their contacts, making it extremely convenient.

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What is Click to WhatsApp Advertising?

Click to WhatsApp advertising is a form of advertisement that can be linked with Facebook and Instagram. Merchants can set up a “Send Message” button in the dynamic messages of Facebook and Instagram. When users click on this button, they can directly open WhatsApp to communicate with the merchant.

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Why Use Click to WhatsApp Advertising?

1. Recommend ads based on user preferences to increase conversion rates

Both Facebook and Instagram have recommendation algorithms that analyze user preferences based on their behavior and other data. These algorithms recommend posts or videos tailored to users’ interests. Additionally, advertisers can utilize this algorithm to precisely target their advertisements, increasing the probability of user clicks and improving conversion rates.

2. Quick chat interaction to better understand customers

Under normal circumstances, when using WhatsApp, it’s necessary to add each other’s phone numbers to the contacts before initiating a conversation. However, with Click to WhatsApp advertising, customers can directly open a conversation with the merchant by clicking the Click to WhatsApp button, without the need for any additional actions. This allows merchants to gain a deeper understanding of their customers and enables customers to learn more about the products, ultimately driving purchases.

3. Reduce the cost of acquiring customers and expand the database of potential customers

Both Facebook and Instagram offer personalized ad recommendations. By using this approach, businesses can more accurately target their potential users without the need for blind, wide-ranging advertising, thus reducing advertising costs and increasing user conversion rates. Additionally, customers acquired through this method are more willing to communicate with the business, allowing the business to expand its database for future remarketing efforts.

How to Use Click to WhatsApp Advertising

Click to WhatsApp advertising involves placing a button on Facebook or Instagram. When customers browse a merchant’s post, story, or profile, they can directly open a WhatsApp conversation with the merchant by clicking this button. To use Click to WhatsApp advertising, it’s necessary to set it up on Facebook’s Business Manager platform.

Merchants can use this platform to set up ads while connecting WhatsApp accounts, Instagram accounts, and more. It’s an essential tool for merchants engaging in Facebook or Instagram marketing. Click to learn more: Add a WhatsApp phone number in the Business Manager platform.

Tips for Sending Advertising Messages on WhatsApp without Adding Contacts

Click to WhatsApp is a highly practical feature. In fact, within WhatsApp, there’s a technique for sending messages without adding contacts directly, and that’s by using a WhatsApp link. If you know the recipient’s phone number, you can use a link format like this: “<number>,” where “number” should be set as the recipient’s phone number, including their country code. For example, the country code for Hong Kong is 852.

For example:

This way, you can directly contact the other party, and you can also include a default message.

For example:! I would like to inquire more about dumbChat service information.

Using this link on a mobile browser will display a button that can open WhatsApp. After opening, you can start a conversation and contact the other party.


Collaborating with merchants using the dumbChat system for Click to WhatsApp advertising

After using Click to WhatsApp advertising, the number of customers initiating conversations through Click to WhatsApp will increase. However, solely relying on WhatsApp Business for customer communication is insufficient. Despite WhatsApp now supporting multi-device login, it still fails to meet the needs of merchants.

dumbChat is a CRM system designed specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises. It can integrate WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram simultaneously, consolidating customers from multiple platforms onto dumbChat for communication. It also allows multiple customer service representatives to log in to the same WhatsApp account simultaneously. Managers can delegate incoming customers to different customer service representatives for conversation. Even outside of office hours, dumbChat’s ChatBot can provide answers to simple questions from customers.

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