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How to increase sales? Let WhatsApp message templates help you!

In today’s digital age, establishing a close relationship between businesses and customers is crucial. WhatsApp message templates can help businesses enhance interaction with customers and provide personalized communication and content push according to different groups! This article will popularize how to use WhatsApp message templates to improve your performance!


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What are WhatsApp message templates?

WhatsApp message templates are powerful tools for businesses to create automated, personalized messages. Through WhatsApp message templates, businesses can promote products or services, confirm orders, and even provide customer support. These templates can be sent as broadcast messages to customers who have opted to receive notifications, all pre-configured. Multiple templates can be created to address various situations. The content of these templates can include a variety of messages, such as promotional offers, order confirmations, appointment reminders, and even surveys.


Due to Meta’s strict measures to limit spam messages, businesses need to use WhatsApp message templates to send messages to customers who have not been contacted in the past 24 hours. Message templates can be mainly categorized into the following three types:

Marketing Conversations

By sending promotional messages, product updates, and other relevant content to customers, businesses can increase brand awareness, drive sales, and enhance interaction with customers.

Tools Conversations

Instantly send important updates and reminders, including customer confirmation statements, account updates, payment reminders, and user surveys, among other critical information.

Verification Conversations

Verification conversations are a common occurrence when using the WhatsApp Business Platform. In these conversations, businesses send users one-time passwords for logging in, authentication, or account recovery purposes.

What are the benefits of using WhatsApp message templates for businesses?

WhatsApp message templates can greatly enhance company performance. Here are some benefits of WhatsApp message templates:

 Maintaining a professional image

When communicating with customers using a consistent message format and tone, it can make your brand image more professional, leading to increased trust from customers. Over time, this can enhance customer loyalty.

Improving work efficiency

Predefined templates allow you to quickly respond to customer inquiries, reducing wait times and enabling you to handle more customer issues. This makes your workflow more efficient and saves manpower and resources.

Continuous customer support

Cross-time zone customers can receive continuous customer service, improving your response rate and response time, enhancing the reputation of your brand even further.

Capturing potential customers during non-business hours

For example, if you have set up an automatic reply message with a booking link, when a customer sends a booking inquiry, it will automatically send relevant information about the booking. Even outside of business hours, customers can complete the booking, reducing wait times and increasing customer satisfaction!


How to create WhatsApp message templates?

If you plan to use WhatsApp message templates, you can refer to the following process to ensure that your message templates comply with business standards or policies and pass Meta’s review. When your message template is approved, you will receive a notification from the WhatsApp management page, and your business management team will also receive an email. However, if your message templates receive negative feedback multiple times or have low engagement rates, they may be temporarily suspended. In such cases, you will need to improve your quality rating or adjust the content of your message templates according to WhatsApp’s policies before you can resume usage.

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Last Updated on 2024-05-17

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