WhatsApp Marketing Tips


What is WhatsApp Broadcast?

If you’re a business looking to send bulk messages to your contacts on WhatsApp, then this article is for you. We’ll dive deep into questions you’ve always wondered about broadcasting - such as what is WhatsApp Broadcast. For WhatsApp broadcast,

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Complete Guide in Just 3 Minutes! Dual WhatApp accounts on one device!

WhatsApp being one of the top messaging applications in Hong Kong. We believe many people have been longing for the feature of "dual WhatsApp account on a single device" to distinguish work and personal life. What is the easiest way

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How to use WhatsApp with multiple users?

Large number of businesses in Hong Kong have been strongly asking for having multiple users from a team logging in to a WhatsApp Business account simultaneously and customers being served by the same WhatsApp Business account. Here we are going

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