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WhatsApp marketing techniques, marketing strategies

With the rapid expansion of the internet, online shops have proliferated, and many customers prefer shopping and making purchases on online stores that operate 24 hours a day compared to physical stores. Many merchants have also opened their own online

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WhatsApp’s Secret Code: Taking Your Privacy to the Next Level

In May of this year, WhatsApp introduced the "Conversation Lock" feature to assist users in organizing conversations they don't want others to see into hidden folders. Now, WhatsApp is introducing further updates with the addition of the "Secret Code" feature, enhancing

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Whatsapp API

WhatsApp Official Business API vs Third-Party Business API

WhatsApp has a significant user base in Hong Kong, and many businesses prioritise using WhatsApp as a communication platform with their customers.  However, the features provided by regular WhatsApp may not fully meet business needs. Therefore, WhatsApp introduced WhatsApp Business,

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WhatsApp 新增「聽後即焚」功能

WhatsApp introduces ‘Listen Once’ feature: Voice messages disappear immediately after being listened to.

Recently, WhatsApp is developing a new feature that allows users to send one-time voice messages which are automatically deleted once listened to, also known as the "Listen Once" feature. This feature is similar to one-time text messages, where the voice

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【WhatsApp Business Tutorial】Registering WhatsApp Business with numbers starting with 2 or 3!

WhatsApp is almost ubiquitous in Hong Kong, with many companies and merchants using it to communicate with customers. WhatsApp also has a dedicated version for businesses called "WhatsApp Business." It's often cumbersome to register as it requires an additional SIM

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【WhatsApp API Guide】Here’s Everything You Need to Know about WhatsApp Cloud API

In May 2022, Meta announced the launch of a new cloud system called the "WhatsApp Cloud API," also known as "WhatsApp Business Accounts in the Cloud." This means that businesses will have two different ways to use the WhatsApp API

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【WhatsApp Android to iPhone】Transfer WhatsApp Data! Easy One-Click Solution!

WhatsApp is the world's most widely used messaging application, available on both Android and iPhone devices.  However, there has been a significant inconvenience regarding message backup and storage: while WhatsApp conversations on Android are backed up to Google Drive, those

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【WhatsApp Business Tutorial】Tutorial on how to switch from WhatsApp Personal to WhatsApp Business!

WhatsApp Business is a version of WhatsApp specifically designed for business use, offering many additional business-oriented features compared to the personal version of WhatsApp. Some businesses initially use the personal version of WhatsApp to communicate with customers and may want

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WhatsApp Chatbot liberates your hands! No need to manually reply to messages anymore.

Most businesses and merchants using WhatsApp often encounter this situation: sometimes there are many customers simultaneously inquiring, and it becomes difficult to respond promptly, leading to missing out on some customer inquiries. Moreover, most of the time, the answers to

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【Coupon Strategy】Effectively Boost Business Sales with dumbChat Coupon Distribution!

In today's fiercely competitive market, businesses must utilize innovative technology to increase brand exposure and drive sales growth. In this era of digital marketing, sending coupons has become a crucial strategy for successful promotion.  This article will explore how to

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