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[Cold Call skills] How to Start Your Cold Call? Seven Cold Calling Tips to Help You Impress Clients!

For friends who have experience in sales, you must have heard of "Cold Call" and "Warm Call" to a greater or lesser extent. These are frequently mentioned terms in the process of learning sales. In simple terms, "Cold Call" refers

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“iiTutors” Easily Manage the Customer Service, Quickly Reply to Customer Inquiries | Customer Experience

iiTutorsis the first live online mathematics education platform in Hong Kong, which specially customizes "Group Teaching" or "One-to-One Teaching" taught by experienced tutors for students aged 4 to 12. All the tutors of iiTutors are from Hong Kong universities or

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“Atto Health” One-Stop Communication Platform, Shorten Customer Service Processing Time | Customer Experience

7th anniversary of Atto’sentering into Hong Kong Acute and Emergency Industry, it uses the most advanced equipment and technology to provide customers with the most suitable treatment. In addition, 24-hour door-to-door service and global/Hong Kong local medical escort service are

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“Tung Wah Moving Service Co. Ltd. ” Multiple-Login Function to Process Customer Inquiries at the Same Time | Customer Experience

Tung Wah Moving Service Co. Ltd. Tung Wah Moving Service Co. Ltd. was established in 1979 and has been established for over 30 years. It specializes in handling, storage, demolition, decoration, rental and sale of properties and other services. As

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“SC Storage” Multi-Platform Login, One Interface Handles Multi-Platform Customers at the Same Time | Customer Experience

SC Storage SC Storagewas established in Yau Tong Industrial Building in 2001. It is a leading low-cost storage warehouse in Hong Kong where land is valuable. It has various types of warehousing services tailored for users if different needs, such

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Automatically Record Product Information on Travel Pop Store’s Online Shop, Quickly Share Product Information to Customers | Customer Experience

"Travel Pop" Travel Pop Store is an online shop specializing in selling all kinds of goods and souvenirs from all over the world, providing Hong Kong citizens with exclusive tastes from different parts of the world, such as Japanese Toro,

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