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WhatsApp marketing techniques, marketing strategies

With the rapid expansion of the internet, online shops have proliferated, and many customers prefer shopping and making purchases on online stores that operate 24 hours a day compared to physical stores. Many merchants have also opened their own online

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【Online Shop Tutorial】How to use dumbChat for online payments?

In today's e-commerce market, online payment has become an indispensable part, with more and more companies beginning to utilize online payment functionality. Online payment functionality has also become an essential part for online store owners. dumbChat makes it easy for

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【Retail Online Store Strategy】How to Increase Sales with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

increasing sales and profits by collecting, analysing, and utilising customer data. Retail CRM functionalities include customer data management, marketing automation, customer service and support, sales pipeline management, and more.  By using retail CRM, retailers can better understand and meet customer

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【ChatBot】How does a chatbot help businesses improve product conversion rates?

In December 2022, OpenAI developed an AI chatbot called ChatGPT, marking a significant shift in people's perception of chatbots. Historically, many AI chatbots were perceived as rigid, lacking emotion, and struggling to engage in fluent conversations. However, ChatGPT has changed

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Whatsapp API

WhatsApp Official Business API vs Third-Party Business API

WhatsApp has a significant user base in Hong Kong, and many businesses prioritise using WhatsApp as a communication platform with their customers.  However, the features provided by regular WhatsApp may not fully meet business needs. Therefore, WhatsApp introduced WhatsApp Business,

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【Chatbot Application】What are the characteristics of an excellent chatbot ?

In recent years, artificial intelligence and automation have become major trends in technological development. AI-generated art has led to many artists fearing unemployment, while ChatGPT, after extensive text learning, though still prone to errors during conversation, can almost engage in

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【WhatsApp Business Tutorial】Registering WhatsApp Business with numbers starting with 2 or 3!

WhatsApp is almost ubiquitous in Hong Kong, with many companies and merchants using it to communicate with customers. WhatsApp also has a dedicated version for businesses called "WhatsApp Business." It's often cumbersome to register as it requires an additional SIM

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【Latest in 2023】Four Major Marketing Techniques! Helping You Improve Customer Service Quality

With the increasing competition among businesses, customer demands for customer service are also rising. As the gateway to a business, customer service not only meets customer demands for product quality but also bears the responsibility of resolving customer issues and

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【WhatsApp Android to iPhone】Transfer WhatsApp Data! Easy One-Click Solution!

WhatsApp is the world's most widely used messaging application, available on both Android and iPhone devices.  However, there has been a significant inconvenience regarding message backup and storage: while WhatsApp conversations on Android are backed up to Google Drive, those

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