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FB Marketing | Everything You Need to Know AboutFacebook Marketing! How To Use Hashtags On Facebook?

While there are several themes for hashtags, hashtags are a way to connect social media content to a specific topic, series, event, theme, or conversation. This function is available on all major social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

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ow important is an online customer service system? A marketing tool in the digital age!

Perhaps not many people pay close attention to online customer service, but they often communicate with online customer service, such as online shopping, post-purchase support for online products, micro e-commerce, or online influencer marketing, and so on. As long as

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What Can Automated Customer Service Do for You?

1.What is customer service automation? Today, marketing automation has evolved from being just an efficiency tool to becoming an essential capability for large-scale customer operations. In the era of big data, modern marketing automation involves various automated segmentation, programmatic creativity,

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WhatsApp Marketing Tips, Marketing Strategies, Online Marketing Techniques

In the era of digital marketing, everyone with a smartphone has at least one instant messaging app. And surveys show that WhatsApp is the most widely used in Hong Kong, with 96% of Hong Kongers using WhatsApp. As a business

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Conversational Marketing! Most Commonly Recognized and Used Types of Online

Conversational marketing is a social media strategy that focuses on creating two-way communication between brands and their customers. Unlike the conventional marketing which has common practice of directing customers to traditional static contact form and requires longer response time, conversational

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WhatsApp Marketing Techniques, Marketing Strategies, Chatbots

The widespread use of instant messaging apps like WhatsApp、Line、WeChat,has made stickers the most common way for netizens to communicate in chats. Using stickers during conversations can make the chat atmosphere livelier and bridge the gap between participants, enhancing the sense

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[Cold Call skills] How to Start Your Cold Call? Seven Cold Calling Tips to Help You Impress Clients!

For friends who have experience in sales, you must have heard of "Cold Call" and "Warm Call" to a greater or lesser extent. These are frequently mentioned terms in the process of learning sales. In simple terms, "Cold Call" refers

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WhatsApp Business

[Latest in 2023] WhatsApp Business account function detailed explanation!

With the popularity of instant messaging applications, conversational marketing has become a global trend for the future. Many young people prefer online shopping at virtual stores that are accessible anytime and anywhere, rather than physical stores. They also prefer using

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[WhatsApp business Account] Gain a deeper understanding of WhatsApp Business features to enhance customer service!

WhatsApp Business is an application specially designed for businesses. Compared to the personal version of WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business offers many additional features. Businesses can expand their operations and stay in constant contact with customers through WhatsApp Business, which provides numerous

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WhatsApp API

[WhatsApp Business API] How to Get the Official WhatsApp API and What Does it Do?

WhatsApp can be said to be the most frequently used instant messaging application in Hong Kong and is also one of the world’s most widely used instant messaging platforms. Many businesses and merchants use WhatsApp to communicate with customers, making

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