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CRM System | Four Techniques for Handling Complaints to Turn Enemies into Friends


The Importance of Properly Handling Customer Complaints

As the saying goes, “The customer is always right.” Providing excellent customer service is crucial for the smooth completion of subsequent tasks. However, with intense competition, customers have higher expectations regarding products and service. If they are dissatisfied or encounter issues, they may file complaints. Failing to handle complaints properly can result in a loss of customer flow and even public pressure. It is essential to adjust one’s attitude and  complaints indicate areas where improvement is needed. By effectively addressing complaint issues, not only can brand reputation be strengthened, but customer satisfaction will also increase. The importance of handling customer complaints should not be underestimated.

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Process for Handling Customer Service Complaints:

  • Establishing After-Sales Work Process:

When customers have complaints or provide feedback on their experience, salespeople or after-sales personnel can create after-sales work processes in the CRM system. These work processes record detailed complaint information, including product details and customer information, facilitating easy access within the system.

  • Assigning After-Sales Issues to Appropriate Employees:

Once after-sales work processes are created, they can be assigned by salespeople or customer service representatives to specialized employees for issue resolution. If an employee identifies a problem they can solve, they can claim the work process, and the relevant information will be transferred to their user account in the system until the issue is resolved.

  • Collecting After-Sales Issues for Continuous Improvement of Quality and Service:

Based on the feedback collected through the system, managers can identify areas of product deficiency and continuously improve them, giving the product a competitive advantage in the market.


Four Techniques for Handling Customer Complaints:

  • Understanding the Customer’s Perspective:

Complaints do not arise without reason. It is essential to treat complaints as valuable feedback that exposes flaws in business operations. By following up on complaints and identifying their root causes, businesses can thoroughly address these issues and achieve a win-win situation with customers.

  • Streamlining the Complaint Process:

Customers file complaints and wish to resolve the issues quickly. When receiving a complaint, prompt response and assigning dedicated personnel are necessary. Avoid complex processes that frustrate customers. Prolonged delays only increase customer frustration, escalate problems, and eventually turn them into difficult issues.

  • Acknowledging Internal Issues:

If mistakes are made on your side that cause inconvenience to customers, it is crucial to take responsibility for those errors and provide reasonable solutions. Avoid brushing off complaints without proper resolution.

  • Maintaining a Firm Stance:

Some customers may complain due to personal reasons unrelated to any mistake by your company or individuals. In such cases, it is important to maintain a firm stance while calmly explaining the situation to customers.


Utilizing CRM System for Managing Customer Complaints:

CRM system refers to Customer Relationship Management system—a platform built on the internet that revolves around customers as its core focus and customer service teams as its core strength. It aims at standardizing enterprise systems and processes, enhancing execution capabilities, and encompassing comprehensive resource management for overall business operations. By utilizing a CRM system, various complaint issues can be handled quickly and effectively.

dumbChat’s features also facilitate better handling of customer complaints:

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Delegation of customer service tasks to more specialized representatives

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