Hong Kong E-commerce Platform Analysis: Shopline HK, Shopify HK, WooCommerce HK, Kopapro, Boutir Store – Comprehensive Comparison


Since the onset of the pandemic in 2019, the global economic environment has experienced varying degrees of impact, and Hong Kong is no exception. Many people have lost their jobs, and traditional offline retail industries have been affected. In contrast, the internet economy has thrived, with an increasing number of individuals choosing to open online stores. The question arises: with numerous e-commerce platforms in Hong Kong, how does one choose the most suitable? This article will provide insights into the fees, customer support, usage guides, and more for major e-commerce platforms in Hong Kong, assisting you in making an informed decision. If you are considering starting an online store, this article might provide some inspiration! Curious about which e-commerce platform is the best? Let’s explore together!

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Comparison of Five E-commerce Platforms

Free trialCustomer servicePrice
Shopline HKProviding a 14-dayLive chat, email, community forumsAt prices of 499, 1234, 1666, and 2249 HKD per month
Shopify HKProviding a 3-dayNo customer service supportIncluding three plans, priced at 33, 92, 399 USD pe month
WooCommerce HK Free plugin, no fixed trial periodNo customer service supportFree plugin, but additional storage comes with charges,priced at 4.99 USD, 7.99 USD, 14.99 USD per month respectively
KopaproProviding a 30-daySupports email, phone, and online chatPricing is 199, 299, 499, 2399 HKD per month
Boutir StoreProviding a 14-day Facebook Message, Email, Phone, etc.Prices are at 4488 HKD, 11888 HKD, 18888 HKD per year

 E-commerce Platform 1: Shopline HK

Shopline HK is a Hong Kong-based e-commerce platform that focuses on localization. Established in 2013, it aims to provide comprehensive e-commerce solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises in Hong Kong and the Asian region. After years of development, Shopline HK has established a strong presence in the local market, becoming one of the preferred choices for Hong Kong businesses to build their online stores. The platform undergoes continuous updates and optimizations to meet evolving market demands. It offers a user-friendly and feature-rich interface, allowing users to easily create personalized and efficient online stores without requiring extensive technical background.

Shopline HK Pricing

Shopline HK’s pricing structure is relatively simple, offering different plans and feature choices to cater to various business needs. There are five plans available: Basic Shop, Advanced E-commerce, Advanced Social E-commerce, OMO Comprehensive E-commerce. The pricing ranges from low to high, starting from 499 HKD per month for the Basic Shop plan and going up to 2249 HKD per month for the OMO Comprehensive E-commerce plan.

Usage Guide

Shopline HK has an intuitive interface and provides detailed tutorials along with customer support. Users can easily set up their online stores, manage inventory, and configure payment methods.

Customer Support

Shopline’s website typically provides frequently asked questions (FAQs) for users to refer to. Additionally, Shopline HK offers various customer support channels, including email, online chat, and phone. In general, Shopline HK’s customer service team is often able to swiftly address issues.

Trial Period

From Shopline’s homepage, we can observe that Shopline offers a 14-day free trial. Users can register by submitting basic information such as email, phone number, and store name.

E-commerce Platform 2: Shopify HK

As one of the world’s most popular e-commerce platforms, Shopify HK enjoys significant recognition in Hong Kong. Shopify HK offers a variety of themes and templates, enabling businesses and entrepreneurs to quickly establish personalized online stores. In the Hong Kong market, Shopify is widely praised for its robust technical foundation and global customer resources, providing users with an excellent user experience.

Shopify HK Pricing

Shopify HK offers different pricing plans, including Basic, Shopify, and Advanced. The Basic plan is targeted at individuals or small businesses, costing 33 USD per month. Shopify, suitable for small businesses, is priced at 92 USD per month. The most expensive plan, Advanced, is priced at 399 USD per month and is suitable for medium or large businesses.

Usage Guide

Shopify HK is renowned for its simple drag-and-drop design, allowing users to easily customize their websites. Its built-in training and community support make it user-friendly, even for beginners.

Customer Support

Shopify HK does not have fixed customer support, but users can find answers to common questions on the main page. If you cannot find solutions to your specific questions, you can also ask other users in the Shopify community forums.

Trial Period

Shopify HK offers only a 3-day free trial, and users need to go through a screening process to test which type of store suits them before finally registering a Shopify account.

 E-commerce Platform 3: WooCommerce HK

WooCommerce HK is a free e-commerce platform built on the WordPress platform, established in 2011. As an open-source plugin, WooCommerce HK provides a highly customizable environment, allowing users to easily create and manage their online stores on WordPress websites. With various payment options and a wealth of extension plugins, WooCommerce HK has become the ideal choice for businesses and entrepreneurs seeking cost-effectiveness and high autonomy.

WooCommerce HK Pricing

WooCommerce HK, as a plugin for WordPress, is free in itself. However, users may need to pay for expanding their online store space. WooCommerce offers three pricing plans for hosting space, namely StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek, priced at 4.99 USD, 7.99 USD, and 14.99 USD per month, respectively.

Usage Guide

Setting up WooCommerce HK is relatively complex and requires some technical knowledge. However, it provides extensive documentation and community support to help users learn and navigate the platform on their own.

 Customer Support

WooCommerce HK also does not have fixed customer support, but you can find frequently asked questions on the main page. If you have any related questions that cannot be answered, you can ask others in the WooCommerce HK forum community!

Trial Period

WooCommerce HK also supports a 14-day free trial. It’s worth mentioning that, for all pricing plans, the first 3 months only cost 1 USD each.

E-commerce Platform 4: Kopapro

Kopapro is a Hong Kong-based e-commerce platform that focuses on providing an all-in-one solution. Its features include a global focus, responsive design, and no-code writing, significantly reducing the barriers to setting up an online store. It is more suitable for individual sellers who want to open an online store.

Kopapro Pricing

Kopapro’s pricing depends on the user’s business needs. It offers four different packages – Basic, Advanced, Premium, and Enterprise Flagship – to meet the requirements of different businesses. The prices range from 199 HKD to 2399 HKD per month.

Kopapro Pricing

Kopapro’s pricing depends on the user’s business needs. It offers four different packages – Basic, Advanced, Premium, and Enterprise Flagship – to meet the requirements of different businesses. The prices range from 199 HKD to 2399 HKD per month.

Usage Guide

Kopapro focuses on user experience and provides services suitable for individual sellers, including dual-track business for product services, independent marketing strategies, and personalized product marketing.

Customer Support

Kopapro’s homepage provides multi-channel customer service, including email, phone, and online chat. Communication with Kopapro is typically possible through phone calls.

Trial Period

Kopapro can be considered the most “generous” among the five e-commerce platforms, offering users a 30-day free trial plan. Users can register by providing their email and store information.

 E-commerce Platform 5: Boutir Store

Boutir is an e-commerce platform that focuses on the mobile shopping experience. It provides a user-friendly interface, enabling businesses and entrepreneurs to quickly establish and manage their online stores on mobile devices. Boutir emphasizes simple setup, a mobile-first approach, and also supports live shopping services, making it easy for users to increase product exposure and engage with customers.

Boutir Store Pricing

Boutir offers users three pricing plans, and unlike other platforms, it primarily focuses on annual fees, ranging from 4488 HKD to 18888 HKD per year.

Usage Guide

Boutir’s mobile application allows users to manage their online stores anytime, anywhere. Boutir also offers a unique live shopping service that allows users to shop while watching live broadcasts.

Customer Support

Boutir’s customer service features are quite comprehensive. Users can contact customer service through various platforms, including WhatsApp, Facebook Message, email, providing convenience for users to get answers at any time.

Trial Period

Boutir offers a free trial without requiring a credit card. Due to its mobile-centric features, Boutir provides three login methods: Email, Facebook, and Apple Account. Users can enjoy a free trial for up to 14 days.

How to Choose the Right E-commerce Platform for You?

When choosing the most suitable e-commerce platform for your business needs, Shopline HK, Shopify HK, WooCommerce HK, Kopapro, and Boutir are all noteworthy options in the Hong Kong market.

Shopify HK

Shopify HK is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms globally and has a significant presence in the Hong Kong market. Its long history, simple and intuitive design, along with a wealth of themes and plugins, make it suitable for a wide range of business needs.

WooCommerce HK

WooCommerce HK, on the other hand, is a free plugin based on WordPress, providing greater customization options. It is more suitable for users with some technical knowledge who want to build their own store according to their creativity.


Kopapro, as a relatively new local e-commerce platform in Hong Kong, emphasizes an all-in-one solution. For users looking to try something new, Kopapro is also a good choice.

Boutir Store

Boutir, on the other hand, focuses on the mobile shopping experience, providing a mobile application and featuring live shopping functionality. It is suitable for entrepreneurs and small businesses that prioritize the mobile platform.

In these five e-commerce platforms, regardless of which one you choose, you can also consider using the dumbChat system. It is a powerful customer relationship management tool designed specifically for WhatsApp, helping to enhance customer interaction, manage orders, and provide a better customer service experience. Overall, choosing the right e-commerce platform for your business needs is crucial. By comparing overviews, pricing, usage methods, and customer service features, you can better understand the strengths and weaknesses of each platform to make informed decisions!

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