【IG Shop】How to Manage an IG Shop? Essential Tips for Running an IG Online Store!

The number of Instagram users is constantly increasing, and many businesses have also joined Instagram, opening their own IG online stores. However, standing out among the many IG online stores requires various techniques. So, what techniques can increase exposure and attract potential customers? Below are some tips to help you!

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What is an Instagram Shop?

Instagram Shop is a feature introduced by Instagram globally in late 2020, which incorporates shopping functionality directly into the Instagram platform. Leveraging Instagram’s vast user base, Instagram Shopping has gained significant popularity among users worldwide. It seamlessly integrates shopping capabilities into various existing features of Instagram, such as adding product links and product tags in Instagram stories, posts, and other content formats

Running an Instagram Shop

Running an Instagram shop requires various techniques to attract customers. Even though you’ve set up an Instagram shop, without knowing how to manage it effectively, it’s easy to end up with little to no traction. Managing an Instagram shop well is crucial, and there are some simple techniques you can use:

1.Utilize Images, Videos, and Live Streams to Showcase Products

One of the biggest concerns when buying items online is the discrepancy between the product and its representation. Customers fear receiving items that don’t match the images or descriptions provided. This can lead to inconvenience when returning items that don’t meet expectations. By providing multiple angles of photos and videos, businesses can help customers gain a better understanding of the products. However, some customers may still worry about discrepancies between images and reality. In such cases, if businesses can conduct live streams to introduce products, they can comprehensively showcase the products while addressing customer questions in real-time. This approach can instill more confidence in customers and reassure them when making purchases.

2.Use Product Tags

After opening an Instagram shop, when posting regular posts or stories, businesses can add “product tags” to their images. These tags can include buttons like “Shop Now” or “Learn More,” along with brief descriptions of the products. Customers can directly click on these tags to navigate to the purchase interface, where they can place orders and make payments conveniently. This approach can significantly improve the conversion rate and order volume of the Instagram shop.

3.Add Interactive Features to Stories

Instagram Stories offer various interactive features such as polls, quizzes, and Q&A sessions. Integrating these features can not only increase engagement but also enhance brand identity. 

For instance, when introducing products in a story, businesses can showcase two similar products and include a “which one do you prefer?” poll. This not only helps gather insights into consumer preferences for product adjustments but also fosters a sense of participation among consumers, thereby enhancing their impression of the products.

4.Host UGC Campaigns to Boost Brand Awareness

UGC, short for User Generated Content, refers to content created by users themselves, including reviews, photos, etc. With Instagram’s vast user base, many users actively create content on the platform. Businesses can leverage this by organizing UGC campaigns.

One great example was when the Hong Kong band, Dear Jane launched a campaign called “Dear Jane Wants to Sing with Your School” on Instagram, encouraging students to post photos with their school’s name. The school with the most likes would win, and the band would perform there. 

This campaign was highly successful, with the account gaining nearly 30,000 new followers during the promotion period. The winning post also received close to 300,000 likes, significantly boosting the band’s visibility.

Similarly, the restaurant franworks held a contest where users took photos with a beard card and tagged #statestache, #joesmos, #castlestache, etc. The restaurant then offered coupons to participants. This low-cost yet highly effective strategy not only engaged users but also increased the restaurant’s popularity.

5.Utilize Instagram Ads Appropriately

Starting out can be challenging, especially when your business account has a low follower count. Even if you post regularly, it’s difficult to achieve significant results. This is where Instagram ads come in handy, providing a breakthrough for your account.

By leveraging Instagram ads, you can effectively target your potential customers and attract new followers. However, it’s essential to plan your ad content and target audience carefully. Simply throwing ads onto Instagram won’t guarantee success; you need a clear strategy.

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With Instagram’s vast user base and powerful shopping capabilities, it can bring many customers to businesses. The opening of Instagram shopping is bound to become one of the essential channels for brands in the future. Moreover, setting up an Instagram shop is very simple, and leveraging Instagram can bring many customers and orders to your online store.

Image Source: Instagram

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