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Conversational Marketing! Most Commonly Recognized and Used Types of Online


Conversational marketing is a social media strategy that focuses on creating two-way communication between brands and their customers. Unlike the conventional marketing which has common practice of directing customers to traditional static contact form and requires longer response time, conversational marketing interacts in a more natural and intuitive manner, allowing brands to gain accurate and unique insights into customers. Here we will explain conversational marketing in detail.

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What is Conversational Marketing?

The name itself is pretty self-explanatory. But, by definition, it is a customer-centric and dialogue-driven approach to marketing, and is based on one-to-one interactions with customers in real time across multiple social media platforms.

Conversational marketing is proactive, interactive and engaging. It involves encouraging active customers to participate in person-to-person chats with customer service representatives or subject matter experts, hence improving the customer experience and building strong customer relationships. Of course, it often boosts conversions in the long run. The happier customers are, the more likely they will continue purchasing your products and services.


Why is Conversational Marketing Gaining Importance?

Online shopping continues to boom in recent years, and delivery and take-away services accelerated the rise of online shopping. Nowadays, people pay more attention to online shopping because of the COVID pandemic. However, shopping for items online can also have its pitfalls. Customers are unable to accurately evaluate whether the product fits, such as fitting and sizing of a pair of pants, suitability of skin care product, etc.. Before receiving the item, customers have no idea about these details, and conversational marketing helps to mitigate the gap of information asymmetry.

Most customers would ask customer service representatives questions in advance before purchasing an item. Live chat with customer service representative would allow customers to know more about your products and brand. Therefore, attract potential customers and improve customer loyalty.


How to Engage in Conversational Marketing?

Conversational marketing is a very useful way of marketing, but how to engage? Conversational marketing is  a customer-centric and dialogue-driven approach to marketing, and is based on one-to-one interactions with customers in real time on online platforms. The three steps to successful conversational marketing go: engage, understand and recommend.

Engage in Conversation

When people visit your website or online shop, they are your potential customers. People would directly shop unless they have enough trust in your brand, otherwise they would simply browse your online shop and hence, understand a little about your brand. At this time, it is necessary to start engaging in conversations with visitors, so theycan have more understanding of your brand. Pay attention to the following points when starting a conversation:

  1. Conversation needs to pop up when visitors browse your website for over 5-10 seconds. After browsing your website for a short time, visitors already have a certain level of understanding of your brand and this is the perfect time to begin a conversation.
  2. Greet and introduce yourself, so that visitors have the interest to continue the conversation;
  3. Begin the conversation with some specific questions.

However, the cost of a 24-hour customer service team is too high for most companies, and actual person in customer service may not be able to respond quickly and hence losing some potential customers. Chat robot would be your best solution.

Define Your Audience and Determine Their Needs

It is necessary to understand the needs of visitors after initiating a conversation. Traditional ways of marketing may take a longer time to understand customer needs. During the conversation with visitors, we can understand their needs, solve their problems and difficulties and offer visitors with the appropriate services. You can also establish the framework of each user in conversations, understand their pain points, and then conduct personalized marketing. In the whole process, there are also some points to pay attention to:

  1. When speaking to visitors, we should set up a chain of conversation that can keep it flowing, so that users can keep on asking questions ;
  2. Be sure to reply to users’ questions quickly. Survey shows that responding to customer within one hour of receiving a query were nearly seven times as likely to qualify the lead as those that tried to contact the customer an hour later;
  3. When creating a user profile, more accurately classify each user the better.


Offering Services and Products

The ultimate goal of marketing is to convert visitors to consumers, and so is conversational marketing. After having a conversation with visitors and a basic understanding of users, we can customize a corresponding marketing method for customers. Chatbot can still be used in the first two stages, but in the third stage, it would be the best for real marketers to talk directly with users. Through utilizing information collected by chatbot, we have certain level of understanding of users at this time. Customer service representatives can carry out targeted marketing according to the characteristics of visitors

In the process of communication with visitors, we can recommend some other related products along with the goods or services that customers originally wish to buy, and lead the customer to become a member, etc.;

  1. In the process of communication with visitors, we can recommend some other related products along with the goods or services that customers originally wish to buy, and lead the customer to become a member, etc.;
  2. In the process of conversational marketing, different strategies need to be used according to different types of goods or services, which are mainly divided into “leading to purchase”, “leading to activity” and “leading to conversion”.


Conversational Marketing Software

Since conversational marketing is so important, what are the essential criteria of a conversational marketing software? Conversational marketing software needs to have a chatbot and customer management system. An excellent chatbot plays a key role in conversational marketing. It is impossible for real customer service representatives to serve customers 24 hours a day, and customers don’t care about how many people you serve at the same time. The only thing they are concerned about is whether you can solve their problems, and an excellent chatbot can perfectly solve this problem. The customer management system can record every customer’s information, create corresponding profiles and carry out analysis, etc., to help marketers better serve customers. Click to learn about the conversational marketing software.

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