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CRM system | How to Gather Customer Feedback Using a CRM System


The operation of any business is intrinsically tied to its customers. Understanding your customers and listening to their opinions and feedback is crucial for a business’s growth. Even customer complaints play a vital role in helping a business identify areas for improvement and making necessary changes.

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Types of Customer Feedback

Positive Feedback 

Receiving praise and compliments from customers is an opportunity to understand what aspects of your product they are most satisfied with. This information can serve as a positive goal for your future business endeavors.


Negative Feedback 

When customers are dissatisfied with your product or service, it’s essential for businesses to establish effective communication channels to swiftly address and resolve customer issues. Handling negative feedback promptly can increase customer trust and retention if issues are resolved satisfactorily.

Customer Suggestions 

Few customers proactively provide suggestions for product or service improvements. When they do, it’s crucial to take these suggestions seriously. Using customer feedback to enhance product quality is an inevitable step for every business and a significant factor in its growth.

Gathering Customer Feedback with a CRM System 

Given the importance of customer feedback, how can you obtain it? There are various methods for gathering feedback, including surveys, reviews, post-sales service, and even complaints on social media. A CRM system can assist in collecting this valuable feedback.


Surveys are one of the most common ways to collect customer feedback. Typically, you can send surveys via email or use CRM system’s broadcasting functionality to distribute them. With dumbChat, you can mass-send surveys to users who have already made purchases.

However, there are some essential considerations to ensure higher survey response rates. Craft compelling subject lines to capture recipients’ attention and send surveys promptly, ideally within three days of a customer’s interaction with your product or service when it’s still fresh in their memory.


Customer Service 

Customer service interactions are another channel for gathering customer feedback. Frequent communication between customer service and customers serves as a collection point for customer opinions, whether it’s for complaints or post-sale service requests. A robust CRM system facilitates direct communication with customers.

However, it’s essential to handle customer issues swiftly. Most customers seek customer service because they’ve encountered problems with a product or service. Failing to address these concerns in a timely manner can result in not just losing a single customer but potentially missing out on more potential customers. 

An excellent CRM system simplifies the process, streamlines customer service, and resolves issues promptly. dumbChat supports multiple concurrent logins, allowing multiple customer service agents to assist customers on a single platform without missing any inquiries. It also features automatic responses, quick replies, and chatbots to help customer service agents resolve customer issues promptly.


Social Media

Apart from using a CRM system to gather customer feedback, you can also monitor social media for posts related to your products or services. Some customers might not seek help through customer service but instead post complaints or issues on social media. Addressing these issues can not only retain the customer but also potentially lead to word-of-mouth referrals and bring in more potential customers.


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Last Updated on 2023-10-30

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