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CRM System | Must-Know Methods and Techniques to Improve Team Customer Service Efficiency!


Improving team efficiency in customer service is a common goal for every business. As the saying goes, to do a good job, one must first sharpen one’s tools. To enhance the efficiency of a customer service team, it’s essential not only to improve the skills of the service agents themselves but also to have the right tools in place. Online customer service is a vital component of business services. So, how can one enhance the efficiency and quality of customer service?

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Improving Team Efficiency with CRM System

A CRM system, which stands for Customer Relationship Management system, can store customer data, record customer preferences and information, facilitate communication with customers, and maintain customer relationships, among other functions. It is an essential tool for businesses. Furthermore, a CRM system can significantly enhance the efficiency of customer service teams and uncover more potential customers.

Keyword Auto-Responses

Keyword auto-responses are also a feature that can enhance customer service efficiency. Customers can trigger pre-set responses from an A.I. robot by setting keywords. The system will automatically generate relevant responses based on the keywords entered by the customer, providing real-time replies without requiring customer service agents to send messages one by one. This saves customer service time, allowing them to focus on handling more complex tasks.


dumbChat’s keyword auto-responses can even be set up in layers, allowing businesses to address common customer service questions step by step (as shown in the figure below). Moreover, dumbChat’s keyword auto-responses are not limited to text format; they can also send special information like maps, documents, interfaces, and more.


Quick Responses

Quick responses refer to pre-stored messages that need to be repeatedly sent to customers. If you have to copy the same message every time, it can be quite cumbersome. Quick responses allow you to reply to customer messages without the need for typing or copying. Instead, you can directly display pre-set quick responses in the chat box and send messages quickly. You can also make simple modifications to the text for immediate transmission, thereby enhancing customer service efficiency.



dumbChat’s quick responses can also include product links. When a customer expresses interest in a particular product, you can use quick responses to directly send product information links. There are two ways to access dumbChat’s quick responses. One way is to simply enter “/” in the chat box, which will bring up the pre-set quick responses. The other method is to use the quick search box to search for relevant keywords.


Customer Tags and Notes 

One of the key functions of a CRM system is the ability to manage customer information. When multiple customer service agents are working simultaneously, it’s common to encounter situations where it’s assumed that a customer is being served by multiple agents. Without proper communication, another agent may end up asking the same questions, leading to customer frustration and a decrease in the efficiency of customer service. A CRM system allows customer service agents to record customer information and add tags to customers after communication. The next agent communicating with the same customer doesn’t need to ask the same questions again, enabling them to quickly address the customer’s needs and improve customer service efficiency.

dumbChat allows you to add tags (Tag) to each customer, and these tags can also serve as categories, enabling precise marketing to customers with the use of the broadcast function. In addition to recording basic customer information, dumbChat can also keep track of data such as which products the customer has purchased, when they made those purchases, when they inquired about specific products, and their pricing preferences. This data is crucial for businesses as it enables them to understand customer needs and discover potential customers. Furthermore, you can add specific notes or messages related to a customer in their personal profile, serving as reminders for other customer service agents when communicating with that customer. It’s also possible to access all notes left by different customer service agents for that customer in the lower-right cornerof the interface.


Customer Service Delegation Function 

Sometimes, the roles of each customer service agent may differ, and customer inquiries are not always identical. In such cases, the delegation function becomes crucial. Delegating customers to the appropriate customer service agents allows the right individuals to handle issues that align with their expertise, thereby enhancing the efficiency of customer service.

dumbChat’s customer service delegation function is very convenient. Simply click on the right side of the customer’s chat roomto directly delegate the customer to the appropriate customer service agent. When a customer is delegated to a specific agent, the agent will receive an immediate notification, allowing them to quickly respond to the customer’s inquiries and issues.



Chatbots are also an essential part of building successful customer relationships. Through chatbots, customers can receive immediate responses when seeking assistance, as they work 24/7 without interruption. Customers don’t need to wait, and the risk of losing customers due to slow responses is minimized. Moreover, an excellent chatbot can address a portion of customer inquiries, saving time and costs for customer service and improving efficiency.

dumbChat’s chatbots can serve customers 24/7, without time limitations. This effectively accelerates responses to general customer inquiries, saving a significant amount of manpower and time costs, and ensuring no messages are missed, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the customer service team.


Customer service serves as the direct communication bridge with customers. The efficiency of a team’s customer service is closely tied to a company’s revenue and is of paramount importance. Using dumbChat can enhance the efficiency of the customer service team, attracting more potential users to the business and resolving a variety of customer issues, among other benefits.

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