What features are available for free trial in dumbChat?


In the digital age, almost every business relies on communication software for marketing, and in Hong Kong, marketing is inseparable from WhatsApp. An excellent WhatsApp CRM tool is indispensable, and dumbChat can help you improve customer service efficiency, providing better service to your customers. Below, let’s introduce some of the free features of dumbChat!

dumbChat.AI is a system that connects and integrates your social media and instant messaging accounts such as WhatsApp, FB messenger etc.. The intelligent robot can quickly respond to customer needs, automatically process orders and speed up transactions. Click here for pricing details.

Free Trial Features of dumbChat

dumbChat’s free trial offers seven key features to help streamline the sales process, improve customer efficiency, and provide better service to customers:

Mass Advertising Messages

When using WhatsApp to broadcast advertising messages, there is a certain probability of having your WhatsApp account banned if you use the built-in WhatsApp broadcast tool. If you use dumbChat’s broadcasting feature, dumbChat will automatically send advertising messages to customers in batches, reducing the risk of your WhatsApp account being banned.

Moreover, using dumbChat for message broadcasting is much more convenient compared to WhatsApp’s built-in features. There is no limit on the number of recipients, and you can also broadcast advertising messages to other platforms such as email and SMS. With the tagging feature, you can send different messages to different customer groups. The free trial of dumbChat allows you to broadcast 20 advertising messages.


Customer Purchase Records

When customer service colleagues are assisting customers, they often need to check the purchased products for each customer. This can delay the response time to customer messages. However, dumbChat can record every product purchased by a customer in their profile. Customer service representatives can simply click on the customer’s profile to see a clear list of the products they have bought.

When customer service is assisting customers, they can also provide relevant product or service suggestions. For example, for customers who have purchased shampoo, recommendations for related products like conditioner can be offered, facilitating cross-selling and increasing conversion rates.

You can also upload all product information on dumbChat. When customer service interacts with customers, they can easily click to send product information without spending time searching for it.


Automated Reminder Messages

After customers purchase products or book services, dumbChat can remind customer service about follow-up actions. It will also automatically remind customers about the progress of products or services, including notifications for appointments, payments, shipping information, etc. For services that require advance booking, dumbChat will automatically remind customers of their appointment times and also remind customer service to be prepared for the customer’s arrival.

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Automatic Reply to Queries

All customers hope for a quick response when making inquiries. However, human customer service cannot work 24/7. During non-working hours or when customer service is occupied with other tasks, inquiries may not receive a timely response. Customers might then seek other businesses of a similar type, potentially causing you to miss out on business opportunities.

During such times, if there’s the assistance of dumbChat’s automatic reply feature for customer service, customers can receive timely responses even outside of working hours. For common queries, dumbChat can be configured to automatically respond based on keywords, providing automatic replies to customers on various platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook. This not only offers quality service to customers but also saves time for customer service.

Customer Tag Classification

dumbChat allows the use of labeling features to categorize customers. When serving customers, customer service can categorize them as potential customers, new customers, regular customers, and so on. Customer service can then tailor their assistance based on different situations and customer categories. Even if there is a change in customer service representatives, they can still provide service to different customers according to pre-set labels. When using dumbChat’s broadcast function, it is possible to send different advertising and promotional messages based on various labels.


Analytical Reports

In marketing, understanding customers is a crucial aspect. Any service needs to align with customer needs, and dumbChat can integrate data from customer conversations, information, labels, sources, etc., to generate an analysis report. This report provides insights from various perspectives, enabling you to better understand customer requirements and adjust marketing strategies accordingly.

Connect to Website Live Chat

Nowadays, many websites incorporate Live Chat features, and with the free trial of dumbChat, you can also connect it to your website’s Live Chat. Customer service representatives can directly engage in conversations with customers from the website through dumbChat. The automatic reply feature is also applicable to Live Chat, reducing the workload on customer service and improving efficiency.

Free Trial Period for dumbChat

The free trial period for dumbChat is seven days. If you wish to continue using it after the trial, you can subscribe to one of the monthly plans offered by dumbChat. If you encounter any questions during the use of dumbChat, you can directly consult customer support for resolution. We also provide a series of support documents and manuals to help customers easily set up dumbChat by following step-by-step instructions.

Start Your Free Trial of dumbChat Now

dumbChat offers even more features beyond those mentioned. Functions such as multi-user sharing, multiple account logins, delegation, etc., can be unlocked in the paid plans. Companies like iiTutors, Nomadic Grocery, Minsheng Coin, Toyzone, and others have chosen to use dumbChat to enhance customer service efficiency. Start using dumbChat now and personally experience its features and quality service!

Awesome! dumbChat allows you to customize when to send broadcasts. You can notify customers when new products arrive, promote special deals, and handle promotions effortlessly. It’s user-friendly and easy to use! Before using dumbChat, customers often inquire about the availability of a specific toy product on the official website. With dumbChat, the chatbot automatically responds to customers and can instantly send inventory information and product website links, allowing customers to make online payments conveniently and quickly.


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