ow important is an online customer service system? A marketing tool in the digital age!


Perhaps not many people pay close attention to online customer service, but they often communicate with online customer service, such as online shopping, post-purchase support for online products, micro e-commerce, or online influencer marketing, and so on. As long as you are online, there is a possibility of encountering online customer service. Online customer service is gradually becoming more likable, not only because of its fast response to messages but also because it can increase conversion rates, making it a favorite for both business owners and customers.

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1.What is an online customer service system?

We often jokingly say, ‘If you have a problem, find customer service.’ But do you know that behind customer service, there is a customer service system? An online customer service system is a collective term for web-based instant messaging software, such as Live Chat, MSN, Facebook, etc. After installing an online customer service system on a website, it can provide faster and better service, greatly enhancing the consumer’s experience. According to surveys, one-third of consumers highly anticipate encountering real-time online customer service when shopping or conducting transactions.

線上客服系統2. Importance for Business Marketing

For enterprises engaged in online sales, an online customer service system has distinct advantages over other instant messaging tools. As an online real-time communication tool, it seamlessly connects businesses and customers on the internet, enabling efficient communication and quick customer conversion. It also offers intelligent tracking to understand user habits, integrates multiple channels for efficient customer acquisition, and provides statistical reports to guide promotional efforts. It offers customers a fast and convenient communication channel, making online marketing for businesses more effective.

3. Benefits of Using an Online Customer Service System

1. Increasing Conversion Rates and Turning Traffic into Sales

According to eMarketer research, after using an online customer service system, 35% of people choose to place an order for purchase. The first benefit brought by an online customer service system is an increase in the conversion rate of online sales. There are many people browsing online sales, and the traffic is substantial, but the portion that can actually be converted into sales is often quite small. Typically, when people shop online, they may encounter issues that require resolution. At this point, online customer service can serve as an excellent medium, providing timely responses and resolving customer problems, guiding customers to reach agreements and ultimately fulfill their purchasing needs. In this way, traffic is gradually transformed into sales.

2. Reducing Customer Service Costs

According to Telus International  research, through text chat, a customer service agent can handle up to 6 cases simultaneously. In contrast, phone customer service can only address one issue at a time, and it often comes with high customer service costs. Online customer service, on the other hand, can handle multiple customer issues simultaneously, which significantly reduces customer service costs.


3. Gaining Buyer Recognition

ATG conducted a survey on global consumer trends, and 90% of consumers stated that having an ‘online customer service’ or ‘instant customer service’ button for contacting a company at any time makes it easier to gain their recognition. Some online stores have millions of followers, precisely because they have established a strong sense of trust with buyers and consistently provide high-quality customer service, earning unanimous recognition. Once a trust relationship is established, the conversion rate increases significantly, and the average single transaction value goes up.

4. Enhancing Website Experience

After installing an online customer service system on the website, customers can receive direct responses on the site, regardless of the problems they encounter. They don’t need to stop what they’re doing to make a phone call or write an email for a response. Additionally, websites can exchange diverse forms of information, such as images and videos, through this system, enhancing the overall customer experience.


5. Gaining a Competitive Edge

Currently, the usage of online customer service systems on websites is relatively low, with only a 9% adoption rate. This figure clearly indicates that online customer service systems have been overlooked. Since online customer service systems offer numerous advantages, why not seize the opportunity now to quickly rise and outperform competitors by a wide margin?

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