Day: December 7, 2023


[Facebook hidden settings] Have you discovered these useful features ?

Facebook is a very large social platform with numerous users. It offers a variety of functions that involve many user privacy settings. If someone knows your name, they can even use Google search to directly find your Facebook profile, allowing

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Facebook Features |Make Sure You Know These Facebook Features!

Facebook was officially founded in 2004, evolving from its origins at Harvard University to become the world's largest social media platform. Nowadays, Facebook's functionalities continue to expand, providing a platform for people to share, stay in touch with family and

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What is the ’24 Policy’? Introduction to Facebook Marketing Message Ad Rules

Starting from March 4, 2020, Facebook officially transitioned from the "24+1 Policy" to the "24 Policy." What is the "24+1 Policy"? What changes occurred with the transition to the "24 Policy"? What significant implications does this change have for Facebook

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Facebook Chatbot

Facebook comes with a built-in ChatBot? Teach you how to easily set up a Facebook ChatBot

Many brands now use chatbots to ease the workload of customer service when interacting with customers. Facebook, being a massive social media platform, is commonly utilized by brands to sell products through FB Shops, and customers often directly engage with

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