Facebook comes with a built-in ChatBot? Teach you how to easily set up a Facebook ChatBot

Facebook Chatbot

Many brands now use chatbots to ease the workload of customer service when interacting with customers. Facebook, being a massive social media platform, is commonly utilized by brands to sell products through FB Shops, and customers often directly engage with brands on Facebook. Having a chatbot on Facebook would be very convenient in such cases. Additionally, chatbots can be directly set up on Facebook Fan Pages.

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Facebook Chatbot

A Chatbot can work 24/7, providing quick responses to customers without missing any inquiries—a capability that human customer service may not achieve perfectly. Facebook Fan Pages come with built-in Chatbot functionality. Before implementing a Chatbot on Facebook, businesses should proactively identify common questions that customers may have before, during, and after purchasing a product. Pre-set these questions and answers within the Facebook Chatbot, enabling it to respond to customer inquiries based on the predefined information when engaging with businesses on Messenger.

Facebook Chatbot設置方法

To use Facebook’s Chatbot, you need to have a Fan Page; without it, you cannot access this feature. Here’s the path to access Facebook Chatbot settings: Click on “Fan Page Settings” at the bottom left of the Fan Page. → Navigate to “Messages” and then select “During Messenger Conversation.”  →  “Set Up Automatic Responses.”

Facebook Chatbot

Facebook Chatbot

Afterward, you will enter an interface, and the most commonly set functions are threefold: “Instant Replies,” “Offline Automatic Responses,” and “Common Questions Configuration.”

Facebook Chatbot

 Instant Replies for Facebook Chatbot

When we enter the Facebook Fan Page of some brands and choose to contact them, a chat message often immediately pops up. This message usually includes a greeting, introduces the brand, and so on. This message is the function of “Instant Replies.”

After clicking on “Instant Replies,” you can directly input the first message that customers will see, and a preview screen will appear on the right. Moreover, in the settings for “Instant Replies,” you can customize some aspects to make the message more personalized. You can set the recipient’s first name, last name, or full name, so the displayed message will vary for different recipients.

Facebook Chatbot

Offline Automatic Responses for Facebook Chatbot

While Chatbots can handle some simple customer queries, there are certain issues that Chatbots cannot resolve. Additionally, human customer service is not available 24/7. In such cases, the “Offline Automatic Responses” feature can be used. This allows you to set specific times to automatically respond to customers when they reach out, preventing a decrease in customer satisfaction due to unanswered inquiries.

Clicking on “Offline Automatic Responses” and then “Edit” allows you to enter the editing page for offline automatic responses. In addition to editing message content, you can also set the time period for responses. The offline automatic responses can vary each day, and there is also a time zone setting to avoid response time errors due to different time zones.

Facebook Chatbot

Common Questions Configuration for Facebook Chatbot

Compared to the previous two features, the setup for “Frequently Asked Questions Configuration” is relatively complex. This feature allows you to configure multiple questions, and after setup, the Chatbot can automatically respond to customers when they ask these questions. You can customize messages and also add elements such as images, buttons, and more.

Clicking on “Frequently Asked Questions Configuration” and then “Edit” takes you to the configuration page for frequently asked questions. Here, you can set up questions, response content, attachments, and additional buttons below the response message. Users can click these buttons to go to links. You can add up to three buttons for each response message.

Facebook Chatbot

dumbChat ChatBot

While the above settings allow you to create a basic Facebook Chatbot, there are still many limitations. Employees need to continuously understand and set up new questions, and the user experience may not be particularly convenient. However, dumbChat’s Chatbot can read information from the website’s products. Customers only need to input the product name to receive a brief overview and purchase link for the product. Moreover, it is not limited to Facebook Messenger; it can be used directly on platforms like WhatsApp, official websites, WeChat, and more.

Facebook Chatbot


dumbChat is an instant social communication platform that connects WhatsApp and website Chatbot, Facebook, WeChat. It enables communication with customers through various instant messaging applications on the same platform. It also supports multiple users simultaneously logging in to handle customer messages.

dumbChat is a convenient message management system that offers features such as multi-user login, scheduled group broadcasts, automatic keyword replies, customer service delegation, label categorization, and quick replies. It allows real-time recording of customer data, preferences, follow-up progress, etc., enhancing customer service efficiency. The 24/7 AI chatbot continuously serves customers, saving a significant amount of time and costs, enabling staff to focus on handling more complex customer service tasks. The data analytics feature provides clear reports on customer sources, product purchase records, chat data analysis, etc., helping you understand your customers, seize more business opportunities, and discover potential clients.

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Last Updated on 2023-12-07

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