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Facebook was officially founded in 2004, evolving from its origins at Harvard University to become the world’s largest social media platform. Nowadays, Facebook’s functionalities continue to expand, providing a platform for people to share, stay in touch with family and friends, and gather information. 

Facebook offers a plethora of functions, and for first-time users, it might feel overwhelming. Below, dumbChat will summarise the main functions of Facebook!

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News Feed

The News Feed is a crucial feature of Facebook. Once users log in, they can freely post updates. On their homepage, they’ll see the latest updates from accounts they follow. Posted updates can include text, images, videos, links, location check-ins, and more. Users have control over who sees their updates; they can share with all Facebook users, specific friends, exclude certain individuals, or limit visibility to a selected group. People viewing these updates can react with likes, comments, and shares.



Frequent Facebook users often utilise this feature. Users can like posts made by others, including individuals, groups, companies, and fan pages. Apart from likes, users can also use various emojis. This aspect is crucial for businesses as well, as when someone likes a post, their Facebook friends can also see the post that was liked.


Facebook Messenger is one of the primary features of Facebook. It allows users to send private messages to each other and create group chats, bringing together people with shared interests. Messenger also encompasses various functionalities.

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Facebook Live

The live streaming feature was officially introduced to Facebook in 2015 and is accessible to all users. Even if you’re not a celebrity, you can go live at any time, allowing more people to follow your stream. Viewers of a live stream can also send specific emojis. This feature can also be used in groups. For instance, during gatherings, if some people couldn’t attend, you can use the live streaming function to share those joyful moments with absent friends and family.


Shared Photo Albums

The ‘Shared Photo Albums’ feature is highly useful. Sometimes when a group goes out together, everyone takes photos on different devices. During such times, you can create a shared photo album with friends. Everyone can upload photos or videos to this shared album and tag them as well.


Facebook comes with many small games developed by third-party partners. These games can be played on the Facebook mobile app or downloaded via the Facebook Gameroom on the web. There are various game types available, including board games, word games, puzzles, battles, action, and adventure games. You can invite friends to play together, and some games even have leaderboards.

Facebook Events

Facebook Events is a feature that helps users create offline events. Once an event is created, users can share posts, invite guests, fill in event details, and as the event approaches, Facebook notifies users about it.

Facebook Recruitment

Businesses can post job openings on Facebook. These job postings appear on the company’s Facebook page, and companies can also use applicants’ Facebook profiles to understand more about them. Facebook also has a dedicated job section where job seekers can look for their desired positions.

Facebook Ads

With its massive user base, Facebook caters to nearly every industry, making it a highly suitable platform for advertising. Advertising on Facebook allows businesses to target Facebook Shops are a feature for businesses to create their online stores within Facebook. Businesses can tailor these shops to meet their specific needs, promote them on Facebook to increase exposure, attract more customers, and allow users to find desired products on Facebook.

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Facebook fan page

Fan pages are a platform specifically for companies, brands and some public figures to share updates and interact with fans. Merchants can publish industry information, product information, etc. on fan pages. Unlike societies, fan pages are unilateral. Post a message, and fans can only leave comments under the post. Even if the post is posted, it will not appear on the homepage of the page. Besides, except for some people who are scared, the fan page can be viewed by everyone under normal circumstances. of.

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Facebook groups

Facebook groups mainly allow like-minded people to discuss and chat together. Now many brands and companies have begun to choose to use Facebook groups. The biggest difference from fan pages is that fan pages are one-to-many, while Facebook is many-to-many. , community members can communicate and interact with each other at any time, and everyone’s posts will also appear on the community homepage, which is highly interactive. Moreover, societies can choose from three types: “public”, “unpublicized”, and “secret society”, while fan pages can only be made public.

Facebook Shop

Facebook Shop is a function that Facebook allows merchants to build their own online stores on Facebook. Merchants can use Facebook to create an online store that meets their own needs, promote it on Facebook, increase their exposure, attract more customers, and make Users can find the products they want on Facebook.

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Facebook offers various functionalities, and over time, it evolves by removing outdated features like Facebook Notes. It continues to add more features, catering to its vast user base. Many businesses use Facebook for marketing and promotion, and although Facebook provides built-in marketing tools, there are areas where assistance, like dumbChat, can significantly enhance marketing efforts on Facebook.

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Last Updated on 2023-12-07

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