What is the ’24 Policy’? Introduction to Facebook Marketing Message Ad Rules


Starting from March 4, 2020, Facebook officially transitioned from the “24+1 Policy” to the “24 Policy.” What is the “24+1 Policy”? What changes occurred with the transition to the “24 Policy”? What significant implications does this change have for Facebook marketing?

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Facebook Advertising Audience

What is the 24+1 Policy?

In October 2018, Facebook introduced the “24+1 Policy” primarily to prevent businesses from excessively sending marketing messages. The “24+1 Policy” allows businesses to send push notifications through their Facebook fan pages. If users do not respond within 24 hours, businesses are permitted to send one additional push notification. If the user still does not respond, the business is then restricted from sending further push notifications to that specific user. This is the essence of the “24+1 Policy.”


What is the 24 Policy?

The “24 Policy” is stricter than the “24+1 Policy.” Building upon the foundation of the “24+1 Policy,” the “24 Policy” eliminates the additional +1 allowance. Under the “24 Policy,” if users do not respond within 24 hours of receiving a push notification from a business, the business is then prohibited from sending further push notifications to that user. Whether it is the “24 Policy” or the “24+1 Policy,” both aim to prevent businesses from indiscriminately sending push notifications to users, reducing promotional messages, and encouraging meaningful interaction.

Moreover, the “24 Policy” includes a specific criterion: when users communicate with businesses and send messages to the business’s fan page, businesses can continue to send messages to those users within the 24-hour window of that particular message. As long as businesses can consistently guide users to send messages to the business, the 24-hour timeframe will be continuously refreshed, allowing for an extended duration of communication. The key to achieving this is to guide fans to initiate dialogue actively!


Guiding Fans to Initiate Dialogue

The primary goal of establishing the “24 Policy” on Facebook is to guide businesses in sending more meaningful messages to customers, preventing Facebook users from being overwhelmed by numerous “promotional messages” from businesses. Simultaneously, it aims to enhance interaction between businesses and customers. Businesses should effectively engage with each customer, improve service quality, and foster as much interaction as possible with customers.

When sending messages to businesses, it indicates that customers have a strong desire for immediate conversation at that moment, requiring a prompt response. Although Facebook allows businesses a 24-hour window, if there is no timely response, customers may likely seek out other similar businesses. Using dumbChat, businesses can set up automatic replies to address this need.

Due to Facebook restrictions, when businesses post on their fan pages, they can include a URL and other contact information. This allows customers not only to contact the business through Facebook but also through other means such as WhatsApp, phone, email, etc. Using these alternative contact methods helps bypass the impact of Facebook’s “24 Policy.”

However, the existence of the “24 Policy” does not imply a need to completely abandon Facebook. Instead, businesses should seek the right approach to communicate with fans—not just by sending “promotional messages” but by designing more interesting and meaningful push notifications that attract fans and encourage interaction.


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Last Updated on 2023-12-07

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