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CRM system | Does your business need a customized system?


In the information age, businesses use various systems such as CRM systems, ERP systems, OA systems, and more to fulfill most of their functions. These systems provide real-time, accurate, and comprehensive data to managers and employees, significantly improving work efficiency. However, every business has unique needs, and off-the-shelf systems often can’t guarantee to meet all of them. This is where customized systems are needed.

dumbChat.AI is a system that connects and integrates your social media and instant messaging accounts such as WhatsApp, FB messenger etc.. The intelligent robot can quickly respond to customer needs, automatically process orders and speed up transactions. Click here for pricing details.

What is a customized system? 

“Customized” and “custom-made” are somewhat different. Custom-made products are created based on existing specifications with choices within a limited range. For example, the dumbChat system has many features, and you can choose the ones you need while excluding those you don’t. On the other hand, “customized” involves a full-scale design based on a business’s specific requirements. In this way, the designed system has a certain exclusivity, making it suitable for your business but not necessarily for others.


How to determine if you need a customized CRM system?

In addition to a customized CRM system, businesses can also use off-the-shelf systems and tailor-made systems, with prices decreasing accordingly. As long as a business’s needs are not extremely unique, in most cases, a tailored or off-the-shelf CRM system is sufficient. This approach can help save costs and time.

Customized systems have a significant drawback, requiring a substantial investment, not only in terms of time but also in terms of money. If you are a small business, you may not need to consider this aspect too much and can simply choose or customize an existing system like dumbChat. If you have some specific requirements and have more abundant time and financial resources, then you can consider a customized CRM system.


What are the benefits of a customized system?

Customized CRM systems have many benefits. They can continuously expand their existing functionalities as the business grows, without adding unnecessary features that might make the system cumbersome. Because customized systems are designed based on the specific needs of the business, they align with the business’s workflow, maximizing work efficiency. Furthermore, compared to off-the-shelf systems, customized CRM systems can better reflect the company’s brand image, avoiding a standardized feel and showcasing the company’s unique characteristics.

When businesses choose a CRM system, the first step is to evaluate themselves, including factors like the company’s size, financial capability, workflow, brand image, and future plans. Only then can they select a specific solution. In the early stages of a business, it’s entirely feasible to use an off-the-shelf CRM system, and consider a system switch once the company has reached a certain scale. However, it’s worth noting that during a system transition, businesses may face work disruptions and chaos, and employees may need to reacquaint themselves with the new system.


dumbChat System

dumbChat is a real-time social communication platform that connects WhatsApp and official website chatbots, Facebook, WeChat. It allows communication with customers through various instant messaging software on a single platform and supports multiple users simultaneously logging in to handle customer messages.

dumbChat is a convenient message management system, offering features such as multi-user login, scheduled broadcast messages, automatic keyword replies, delegation of customer service, label categorization, and quick responses. It enables businesses to record customer data, preferences, and follow-up progress, ultimately enhancing customer service efficiency. The 24/7 AI robot provides continuous customer service, saving a significant amount of time and cost, allowing employees to focus on more complex customer service issues. The data analysis feature offers insights into customer sources, product purchase records, chat data analysis, and other reports, helping businesses understand their customers, seize more opportunities, and discover potential leads.


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