【Dual WeChat Login】How to log in to two WeChat accounts on both computer and mobile phone?


When working or engaging in business activities, there may be a need to simultaneously use two WeChat accounts. However, under normal circumstances, you can only log in to one account at a time on the same computer or phone. Is there any way to log in to two WeChat accounts simultaneously?

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Logging in to Two WeChat Accounts Simultaneously on Computer

  1. Download the WeChat PC version, and once the installation is complete, open it.
  2. Open WeChat. At this point, do not log in initially. Open WeChat again, and a different interface will appear.
  3. Scan the QR code separately with your mobile WeChat, and you can log in directly. This way, you can log in to two WeChat accounts simultaneously on your computer.

Logging in to Two WeChat Accounts Simultaneously on Mobile Phone

The method for dual-opening on phones with different operating systems varies, and there are also some universal methods. Below, let’s introduce the method of dual-opening for WeChat!

Direct Switching

This method doesn’t require adding any additional apps; it utilizes the built-in feature of WeChat called ‘Switch Account.’ This feature was introduced in 2018, allowing users to log in to two accounts on the same phone simultaneously. Click on the personal page, select ‘Settings’ at the bottom, choose ‘Switch Account,’ click ‘Add Account,’ and enter the account password or log in using mobile phone number verification.

After logging in, you can switch accounts at any time. This method can be used on both Android and iOS. However, it has a drawback—it doesn’t support ‘dual standby.’ You can only log in to one account at a time. If you log in to one account, you won’t receive messages from the other account until you log in to it and receive all the messages at once.

Dual WeChat on Android Phone

Application Cloning

Some Android phones come with a built-in ‘App Cloning’ feature, such as Xiaomi and Huawei phones. Taking Xiaomi phones as an example, you can click on ‘Settings,’ select ‘App settings,’ then choose ‘App Cloning.’ Select WeChat, turn on the cloning button, and the system will automatically duplicate WeChat. At this point, an additional WeChat icon will appear on the home screen. Clicking on it allows you to log in with a different account. This method allows you to receive messages from both WeChat accounts simultaneously, making it very convenient.

Using the “Dual App” App

Download the ‘Dual App’ app from Google Play. This app allows users to simultaneously open two identical applications on one device, and the data for each app is independently stored. It also allows you to receive notifications from each app simultaneously. However, this method requires users to find a suitable app, and there are many such apps on Google Play. However, the security of these apps cannot be guaranteed, and there is a small probability that it may lead to the WeChat account being banned or conversation records being compromised. Users should consider downloading at their own discretion.

Dual WeChat on iPhone

Due to the security and closed nature of the iOS system, iPhone does not support dual-opening of WeChat. If you want to use WeChat dual-opening on iPhone, there are only two methods: one is to use the WeChat web version. Download the Google browser on your iPhone, use the Google browser to access the WeChat web version, and this achieves WeChat dual-opening. The second method is to download through other third-party apps, but the security of such methods cannot be guaranteed. If you want to use two WeChat accounts on one phone, it is best to use an Android phone with the ‘App Cloning’ feature.

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Last Updated on 2023-12-26

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