Instagram Desktop Version Released! Free Download for Windows 10!


As one of the most popular app worldwide, Instagram has now launched its desktop version, making it more convenient for users. Windows users can download the official Instagram application. Although the PC version is still in the testing phase and lacks some functionalities compared to the mobile app, it has basic features, and continuous updates are expected for further improvements.

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Download Instagram Desktop Version

Instagram Desktop Version is an official application, and Windows users can directly search for “Instagram” in the Microsoft Store to find it.


After downloading, simply enter your account credentials to log in.

Differences Between Instagram Desktop and Web Version

Currently, there’s minimal difference in functionality between the Instagram desktop version and the web version. Key features include browsing IG posts, watching IG videos, replying to messages, receiving notifications, and uploading image and text posts. However, similar to the web version, the Instagram desktop version doesn’t support uploading “Stories.”

Yet, the Instagram web version can be accessed on multiple devices by entering the IG web address for login, while the Instagram desktop version is currently limited to Windows and not available for MacOS. However, some unofficial applications are available for user selection.

The functionality of the Instagram desktop version is currently limited as it’s in the testing phase. It’s expected to add more features in the future to enhance its capabilities.


Features of Instagram Desktop Version

The current functionality of the Instagram desktop version is not extensive. Main features include browsing IG posts, watching IG videos, replying to messages, receiving notifications, among others.

Manage Instagram DMs

Instagram is more of a social app than an instant messaging app. However, it does have basic instant messaging functionalities. Many businesses market through Instagram due to its high interactivity. Communication between businesses and customers is crucial, and the Instagram desktop version allows users to manage customer messages on a computer. For businesses with fewer customers, one customer service staff using the mobile app and Instagram desktop version might suffice.

However, if there’s an overwhelming number of messages, one staff member might not handle it all. In this case, the Instagram desktop version alone won’t meet the business needs. dumbChat allows multiple customer service staff to log in simultaneously to one IG account. Additionally, it integrates WhatsApp, FB Messenger, company websites, and more, facilitating multiple customer service interactions and efficient message management.



There’s a vast user base on IG, where many businesses market their products or services. However, Instagram’s built-in message management functionalities are not suitable for businesses. It lacks multi-user access, group broadcasting, and automated replies. Although Instagram now has a desktop version, its functionality is still limited. 

For businesses, dumbChat perfectly addresses these issues. In the near future, dumbChat will add Instagram functionalities, enabling businesses to handle customers from different platforms within a single interface.

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Last Updated on 2023-12-22

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