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Instagram has a vast user base worldwide, and Hong Kong is no exception. Many businesses choose to market on Instagram, but after creating an Instagram account, they may not know how to manage it effectively. To run a successful Instagram account, it’s crucial to understand the algorithm principles of Instagram. By aligning with these principles, you can increase follower engagement and boost your brand’s exposure.

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IG Algorithm Principles

The algorithm principles of Instagram are indeed quite complex, and they undergo regular updates. However, the fundamental principles of the algorithm don’t change significantly. As long as you follow the basic guidelines, you can effectively manage your Instagram presence.

1.Interaction (Relationship)

For Instagram users, the more interaction with friends, the more likely their posts will appear at the top of their home feed. Interactions include mutual following, direct searches for each other’s account names, commenting, liking each other’s posts, exchanging messages, and more. The higher the level of interaction, the more likely posts will be featured on each other’s home feed.

For brand Instagram accounts, not all followers are genuine friends. This means that in Instagram management, merely having followers does not guarantee visibility for every post. It’s crucial for followers to actively engage with your posts, such as liking, commenting, reposting, saving, etc., to have your posts appear on their Instagram feed. Therefore, it’s essential to maintain a high interaction rate with your followers. When posting content, encouraging followers to interact as much as possible can enhance the exposure of future posts.


When using Instagram, the posts that appear at the top are generally the most recent, with older posts appearing further down the feed. For business accounts, the ideal scenario is for followers to open Instagram right after you’ve posted a dynamic, allowing them to see your post at the top of their feed.

For brand accounts, identifying the active times of followers is crucial. Instagram provides a thoughtful feature called ‘Insights,’ where under ‘Insights’ > ‘Your Audience’ > ‘Total Followers’ > ‘Most Active Times,’ you can discover when your followers are most active. However, please note that this feature is available only when you have more than 100 followers.


On Instagram, there is an algorithmic feature that recommends content to users based on their interactions and preferences. In simple terms, the algorithm analyzes user engagement records such as likes, views, shares, searches, etc., to determine the content topics that interest users. It then suggests similar types of posts to users based on their preferences.

For operators of corporate Instagram accounts, it’s crucial to understand the user demographics in advance. Tailor the management of the Instagram account to align with the interests of the users. Ensure that the direction of managing the corporate Instagram account and the content that followers are interested in are consistent. Instead of purposelessly posting content, this approach helps Instagram understand the category of your posts accurately, enabling more precise recommendations to users on their mobile devices.

 Instagram Management Techniques

After understanding the basic algorithmic direction of Instagram, you can start formulating an Instagram management strategy.

1.Post Scheduling

Posting is one of the primary functions on Instagram, and maintaining a regular posting schedule can result in better reach and engagement rates. Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, has mentioned that the ideal posting frequency on Instagram is ‘publishing two feed posts per week and updating Stories twice a day.’

In posts, it’s also essential to effectively use emojis. Increasing the use of emojis can make you appear more approachable to users. You can utilize emoji tags to emphasize key words, enabling followers to quickly grasp the main points and thereby increasing the likelihood of user interaction with call-to-action buttons.

2.Carousel Images

Carousel images can generate high interaction on Instagram. With carousel images, you can publish multiple photos at once, up to a maximum of ten. As shown in the table below, the interaction rate increases with the number of images. Additionally, more images can convey more information, allowing followers to better understand the content.

When posting images, using filters can make them more attractive. Instagram’s built-in filter features are powerful. According to a study by the Georgia Institute of Technology and Yahoo Labs, posts with filtered images have a 21% higher engagement rate compared to posts without filters, and they are also more likely to receive responses from followers.


In addition to captions and images, there’s another crucial feature for Instagram posts—hashtags. Using hashtags is simple; just add a ‘#’ before the text to turn it into a hashtag. If others use the same hashtag, these two posts will be linked. When users click on the hashtag, they can see all posts that have used the same hashtag.

Strategically using hashtags can enhance the exposure and interaction rates of posts. However, it’s crucial to ensure that the content you post is relevant to the hashtags you use. According to research by TrackMaven, on Instagram, the more tags used, the higher the likelihood of receiving likes.

4.IG Ads

When starting Instagram marketing with low visibility and a small number of followers, achieving a high exposure rate is challenging even with numerous posts. However, using Instagram ads can be a breakthrough by boosting exposure and potentially gaining more followers. When running ads, careful planning is essential; haphazard advertising can be costly and yield poor results.

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5.Utilizing New Feature: Reels

After the introduction of new features on Instagram, the algorithm tends to give more weight to these new features. Utilizing new features, especially in the early stages, can effectively increase exposure and enhance interaction between operators and followers. Reels is one such relatively new feature, allowing users to create short videos. Currently, Instagram places a higher weight on the Reels feature, providing businesses with an opportunity to increase exposure by sharing short videos related to their products.

Successful Instagram management requires a fundamental understanding of Instagram’s algorithm. Through various tips and tricks, managing an Instagram account can become more straightforward. However, the most crucial element remains high-quality content, which is essential for attracting followers effectively. Moreover, consistency over the long term is key, as subpar content won’t genuinely retain followers!

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Last Updated on 2023-12-26

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