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【Retail Online Store Strategy】How to Increase Sales with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System


increasing sales and profits by collecting, analysing, and utilising customer data. Retail CRM functionalities include customer data management, marketing automation, customer service and support, sales pipeline management, and more. 

By using retail CRM, retailers can better understand and meet customer needs, thereby improving business efficiency and competitiveness.

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As the retail industry becomes increasingly data-driven, it has entered a new era where relying solely on products is no longer sufficient to lead brands to stand out. 

Many companies have advocated for prioritizing “customer experience,” which considers both the needs and desires of customers, to enhance the overall value of products. The most crucial aspect of this approach is the “management of customer relationships.”


Why is CRM Important for Retail?

Better Customer Data Management

CRM systems enable retail outlets to collect and manage customer data, including purchase history, preferences, and feedback. This allows retailers to better understand customers and provide more personalised services.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

CRM systems enable retailers to understand customer needs and preferences better, thereby better meeting customer demands. By providing better customer service and a superior shopping experience, retailers can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Improve Sales and Marketing

CRM systems enable retailers to better understand customers’ purchasing habits and trends, thereby helping retailers predict and plan sales and marketing activities. This can assist retailers in formulating better marketing strategies, improving sales efficiency, and increasing revenue.

Increase Sales Staff Productivity

CRM systems enable sales staff to better understand customer needs and historical purchase patterns, thereby providing better customer service. It can also enhance sales staff productivity and efficiency, allowing them to focus more on sales and customer service.


Utilising Social Media For Real-Time CRM

Integrating Different Channels into a Single Platform Conversation

In the retail industry, challenges such as employees being unwilling to use personal communication accounts to contact customers and frontline staff taking customers with them when they leave are some of the challenges faced by retailers. To address these issues, retailers can adopt unified corporate accounts for communicating with customers and easily differentiate responsible employees in the backend.

Different channels like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, WeChat, etc., can be integrated into one platform for centralised management of all customer data. This allows for quick allocation of customers to dedicated customer service personnel, ensures no customer queries are missed, reduces the time cost of employees going back and forth on different platforms.

Retailers can use comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to manage all customer channels and provide a complete solution. CRM software allows for customization of various customer data, such as basic customer information, purchase history, inquiry records, etc., and automatically integrates them into one platform for easy management and access.

Connecting E-Commerce Platforms to Establish Product Catalogues

How to turn conversations into sales? Allow your customers to place orders while browsing products in the chat room, the most direct and attractive action for users, by connecting the online store through messaging software, allowing customers to browse product catalogs in the chat room, synchronizing updates to online store customer data, member databases, and most importantly—warehouse inventory, avoiding potential issues with providing links.

Utilise Broadcast Message Marketing to Analyse Reach

The essence of conversation lies in interaction, and just because customers haven’t actively inquired about products doesn’t mean merchants can’t take the initiative. Merchants can take proactive steps, such as using dumbchat.AI to send personalized promotional messages, sending promotional offers, birthday wishes, product update inquiries, and tracking delivery rates, read receipts, and response data for analysis of different content.

Enable Payment Functionality Within Conversation Content

Simply adding a simple payment button in the conversation can attract 13% of customers to make immediate purchases. With just one click, customers can complete the payment, allowing consumers to easily purchase products without leaving the conversation. This not only improves the convenience of purchasing but also increases consumer willingness to buy, thereby increasing the merchant’s revenue.


Increasing Brand Loyalty Can Effectively Retain Customers

With the help of CRM systems, businesses can maintain brand exposure by regularly sending out emails, promotional messages, birthday wishes, etc., to contact customers. Additionally, CRM systems can estimate customers’ interests based on their browsing and purchasing history and send personalised promotional offers to attract consumers’ attention.


In summary, CRM is a management system as well as software and technology for collecting and analysing customer information. By integrating data from multiple marketing channels, the system further analyses the preferences and needs of target customers, providing a comprehensive management view to assist businesses in developing exclusive personalised services, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and promoting sales.

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Last Updated on 2024-03-29

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