WhatsApp Introduces 3 New AI Features, See How They Work!


In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, Hong Kongers’ favorite messaging app, WhatsApp, is making significant strides! This time, Mate is set to launch three major AI features, available across WhatsApp, FB Messenger, and Instagram. Meta is committed to enhancing user communication experiences, introducing new features such as AI stickers, AI chat, and generating realistic images to infuse limitless creativity into conversations. Let’s take a look at how these three new WhatsApp AI features can revolutionize your communication style!

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WhatsApp AI 3 New Features

AI Stickers

In the recently launched Meta AI 3 new features, users can create unique AI stickers in conversations on WhatsApp, FB Messenger, or Instagram. To create AI stickers, users simply need to click on the emoji icon within the text box, choose the “Stickers” option, and then click “Create”. Next, enter keywords describing the desired sticker, and the AI system will automatically generate four related stickers. Users can choose their favorite sticker from them, download and save it for immediate use!

Image source: Meta official

AI Conversation/Chat

WhatsApp’s functionality is no longer limited to sending messages, making calls, or video chatting! The newly added AI chat feature, similar to the previously popular ChatGPT, is incredibly convenient. Users can now engage in conversations with chatbots through AI Chats on WhatsApp. Moreover, WhatsApp has introduced dozens of diverse AI characters, allowing users to freely choose, and the responses vary accordingly.

Image source: WhatsApp official

Generating Realistic Images

In addition to AI stickers and AI chat, users can now have the AI system generate images during conversations on WhatsApp, FB Messenger, or Instagram! Simply mention @Meta AI when entering text in the chat, type /imagine, and then describe the keywords of the image you want to create. The AI system will then generate a realistic image based on your textual description. Additionally, when users use AI to generate images, the images will have a watermark indicating that they were created using AI.

Image source: Meta official

Frequently Asked Questions

Will AI expose personal information?

I believe many people may have this concern: Will AI expose personal privacy? It’s worth noting that Meta has already prohibited AI from accessing users’ personal information and their contacts. Although AI can read the content transmitted through the system, users’ personal information remains protected by end-to-end encryption. Therefore, no one, including Meta, can view it, ensuring users can use the service with confidence!

How to delete messages sent by AI?

In order to give users more control, Meta has also introduced a command that allows users to delete any information shared in conversations with AI on FB Messenger, Instagram, or WhatsApp. Users can delete AI-sent messages by typing “/reset-ai” in the chat box. Additionally, messages from chatting with AI on WhatsApp are not linked to account information on Facebook, Instagram, or other applications provided by Meta.

Image source: Meta official

How to use AI chat in group chats?

Due to the current operating mechanism of Meta AI, it cannot engage in conversations with you through WhatsApp, FB Messenger, or Instagram within Meta. It also cannot proactively send messages to you or your groups. If users wish to use the AI chat function in a group chat, they can do so by mentioning @Meta AI in the conversation. AI will only read messages that call “@Meta AI” or reply to messages that include “@Meta AI.” AI cannot read other content in the group chat and will not initiate conversations.

Image source: Meta official

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Last Updated on 2024-01-18

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