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WhatsApp Marketing Tips, Marketing Strategies, Online Marketing Techniques

In the era of digital marketing, everyone with a smartphone has at least one instant messaging app. And surveys show that WhatsApp is the most widely used in Hong Kong, with 96% of Hong Kongers using WhatsApp. As a business

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WhatsApp Marketing Techniques, Marketing Strategies, Chatbots

The widespread use of instant messaging apps like WhatsApp、Line、WeChat,has made stickers the most common way for netizens to communicate in chats. Using stickers during conversations can make the chat atmosphere livelier and bridge the gap between participants, enhancing the sense

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[WhatsApp Tips] How to Sync Contacts on WhatsApp?

Contact synchronization is a widely used feature on mobile phones, allowing you to add friends' and family members’ phone numbers to your contact list. When using WhatsApp, you can enable the feature to sync contacts, adding those who are using

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