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With the increasing competition among businesses, customer demands for customer service are also rising. As the gateway to a business, customer service not only meets customer demands for product quality but also bears the responsibility of resolving customer issues and providing high-quality service. What customer service techniques can enhance the overall quality of the customer team and provide better service to customers? Let dumbChat tell you below!

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Responsibilities of Traditional Customer Service

Traditional customer service mainly involves “one-on-one” telephone or email platform services. Facing various customers, customer service personnel need to have strong psychological qualities, resilience, adaptability, and patience to communicate effectively with customers. Sometimes, when there are product issues, customers’ emotions may be unstable, and customer service personnel need to both calm customers’ emotions and answer their continuous questions.


How to Improve Customer Service Quality

With the internet deeply ingrained in people’s lives, waves transmitting various data have covered every corner of the earth. As a result, the form of customer service has also changed, no longer limited to phone calls and emails. More social media platforms have become powerful tools for customer service. In the internet age, four techniques effectively improve customer service quality:

Interaction on Social Media

Social commerce is one of the future trends because many people are using social media platforms such as WhatsApp, FB Messenger, which are widely used in Hong Kong. Many merchants and consumers have already become accustomed to using these social communication software as a medium for transaction services.

For effective communication, simply using these social media platforms may not be sufficient. For instance, having just one WhatsApp account means that customers contact customer service through this account, but there may be multiple customer service representatives and multiple customers. In such cases, using dumbChat becomes necessary. dumbChat allows customer service representatives to use the same social media platform simultaneously on different interfaces, accurately assigning customers to specific representatives. This prevents confusion where multiple representatives serve the same customer and allows work to proceed in an organized manner, thereby improving team efficiency.


Personalized Service

The rapid development of the internet and the logistics industry has led to a proliferation of similar products and services online. To make their products stand out, it’s necessary to enhance communication with customers and explore more potential customers. Additionally, providing specific products or services tailored to the characteristics of customers can also increase customer loyalty.

Sometimes, customer needs can be accurately analyzed through their behavior and habits. dumbChat can categorize customers in real-time based on their website browsing behavior, labeling them accordingly. When customer service representatives communicate with customers, a dashboard will appear on the right showing some of the customer’s information, facilitating communication. Moreover, after the interaction between customers and customer service representatives, the chat status can be marked at any time, such as initial inquiry, requirement confirmation, transaction, continued follow-up, etc. When other customer service representatives join, they can quickly understand the customer’s status.


Prompt and Timely Responses

Nowadays, consumers have increasingly higher expectations for businesses. According to a study by the well-known marketing software HubSpot, 82% of customers consider “immediate response” to be the most important factor. At the same time, 60% of consumers believe that a response within 10 minutes is considered a quick response. Some businesses believe that if they fail to respond within 10 minutes, the customer is likely to be lost.

Therefore, prompt and timely responses are crucial for retaining customers and tapping into potential users. However, even customer service representatives find it challenging to work continuously for 24 hours. This is where dumbChat’s chatbots and “auto-reply” feature come into play! Chatbots can work 24/7, providing service to customers anytime and anywhere, responding to simple queries. The “auto-reply” feature can immediately respond to some messages when customers send certain keywords, such as “leave messages,” etc., to avoid leaving a bad impression on the company due to untimely responses and reduce the time spent on manual replies by employees.


Personalized Services

Customers often inquire with customer service before making a purchase, hoping to find the product that best suits their needs. As customer service representatives, we should not recommend the most expensive products but rather select the most suitable ones for the customers. This way, we can build customer reliance on our products and maintain their loyalty. In this scenario, customer data becomes crucial as it helps us understand customer preferences and provide better service.

dumbChat allows customer service to save customer data at any time. In the next inquiry from the customer, even if it’s a different representative, they can quickly understand the customer’s basic information, contact details, and previous interactions. Purchased or inquired products can be easily recorded for future reference.


About dumbChat

dumbChat is an instant communication platform that integrates major social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. It is equipped with a self-learning artificial intelligence management system that intelligently assigns customers to each customer service representative, records user data in real-time, and provides personalized services to customers. It effectively improves the quality of customer service, enhances customer service efficiency, and taps into more potential customers.

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Last Updated on 2024-02-18

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