[Business Card Organization] Exchanged a bunch of business cards at the association, how to organize them?


In social circles, exchanging business cards is common. Over time, it accumulates a large number of cards. Many people use rubber bands or cardholders to keep them, but it leads to a problem. When needing a specific card, searching through them takes a lot of time. Here are two methods to organize these cards efficiently.

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Creating a Business Card Spreadsheet Using Google Sheets

This is a commonly used method. Nowadays, any data can be turned into an electronic file and uploaded to Google. 

Compared to physical documents, electronic files are more convenient to use. However, when the number of documents increases, finding them becomes cumbersome. 

But using electronic files allows easy organization and archiving of data, making retrieval convenient. 

Using Google Sheets to upload business card information to the cloud enables easy access and modification of the card details when connected online. It can also be shared with other company salespersons for their use.

A business card typically includes company name, name, phone number, WhatsApp number, address, email, etc. However, an Excel business card spreadsheet requires more than this information. 

It needs additional fields such as where the card was obtained, WhatsApp link, brief follow-up notes after contact, and it’s best to upload a photo of the card to Google and copy the image link into the spreadsheet. These are necessary details for a well-organized business card spreadsheet, which can be further personalized for individual use.

Adding WhatsApp links to the spreadsheet enables direct contact without adding contacts, streamlining communication.

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Organizing Business Cards Using dumbChat

Using Google for creating a spreadsheet indeed is more convenient than stacking cards in a holder. However, there are some hassles. When the number of cards piles up, finding them becomes challenging. 

Sometimes, when you’re busy, and you need others in the company to contact clients, they might not understand the clients well, leading to misunderstandings. 

Moreover, sharing the entire spreadsheet may expose some contacts to people who shouldn’t have access.

With dumbChat, adding contacts allows the creation of profiles for each contact. It facilitates organization through labeled categorization for easy viewing.

It allows setting different permissions and assigning different contacts to various salespersons for easy management. Sharing previous conversations with new salespersons enables them to understand the customer’s situation for effective communication.


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Last Updated on 2023-12-22

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