【Online Shop Tutorial】How to use dumbChat for online payments?


In today’s e-commerce market, online payment has become an indispensable part, with more and more companies beginning to utilize online payment functionality. Online payment functionality has also become an essential part for online store owners. dumbChat makes it easy for online stores to implement online payment functionality, saving customers time and effort, and improving transaction efficiency. In this article, we will introduce dumbChat’s payment functionality.

dumbChat.AI is a system that connects and integrates your social media and instant messaging accounts such as WhatsApp, FB messenger etc.. The intelligent robot can quickly respond to customer needs, automatically process orders and speed up transactions. Click here for pricing details.

Tutorial on dumbChat Payment Functionality

dumbChat is a WhatsApp CRM system specifically designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, supporting features such as multi-user customer service and broadcast messaging. Among its many practical functions, one standout feature is its ability to integrate all products from an online store into the system. During customer interactions, if a customer expresses interest in a particular product, its information can be directly sent to them without the need for additional data searches. Additionally, if a customer wishes to purchase a product, the merchant can send a payment link through dumbChat, allowing the customer to complete the purchase directly without needing to switch to another platform. This feature offers great convenience and efficiency.

What information is needed to enable dumbChat payment functionality?

dumbChat’s online payment functionality supports payment methods such as Alipay, WeChat Pay, Visa, Mastercard, and more. To enable dumbChat’s payment functionality, you can contact us to connect to a payment gateway. Merchants will need to provide the following information:

For a limited company:

  1. Business Registration Certificate copy
  2. Company Registration Certificate copy
  3. Copy of personal identification for shareholders owning 25% or more
  4. Bank statements
  5. Address proof (e.g., lease agreement, authorization contract, company utility bills)
  6. Application form 1(a) / 1(c) from the Companies Registry or Annual Return form from the Companies Registry
  7. 2-3 photos of the office/store
  8. WebPage / Facebook / IG information

For an unlimited company:

  1. Business Registration Certificate copy
  2. Copy of personal identification for the owner
  3. Bank statements
  4. Address proof (e.g., lease agreement, authorization contract, company utility bills)
  5. 2-3 photos of the office/store
  6. WebPage / Facebook / IG information

 Steps for using dumbChat online payment functionality

1. Click on the customer’s conversation, then click on “Select Products and Services” at the bottom.


2. Afterwards, a window will pop up where all the products or services imported into the shop can be found. If there are many products or services, you can use the search box at the top to search for a specific product or service.


3. After finding the corresponding product or service, check the product, select the quantity needed by the customer, and click “Add to Cart.”



4. Then another window will pop up where you can choose whether shipping is required, online payment, or offline payment. There are also multiple online payment methods available for selection. Merchants can choose according to their actual needs.


5. After confirming the selection, click “Confirm Order,” and dumbChat will automatically generate an order information and payment link. The merchant can then send this order information to the customer.


6. After receiving the link, the customer can open it, click “Proceed to Checkout,” and proceed with the payment directly, which is very convenient.


dumbChat System

dumbChat.AI is an instant communication platform that can integrate with most social software, including WhatsApp, FB Messenger, SMS, and other social applications. With dumbChat.AI, you can communicate with customers on various social platforms without the need to download multiple apps, making it extremely convenient. Additionally, you can utilize chatbots to respond to customer inquiries, even during busy periods, to avoid delayed responses and maintain customer engagement, thus improving user retention rates.

It supports simultaneous collaboration among multiple users, enabling them to coordinate and synchronize the management of customer messages, thereby enhancing service quality. Furthermore, you can upload all your products to the dumbChat system. When customers need to know product information, you can quickly send the product details directly to them, eliminating the need for additional time to search for product information. This not only reduces customer wait times but also allows them to complete transactions and payments directly through dumbChat.

With the assistance of dumbChat.AI, you can utilize various social software platforms to build a social e-commerce model, gain customer trust, and increase sales of enterprise products and services. Click to learn more: dumbChat

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Last Updated on 2024-03-29

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