【ChatBot】How does a chatbot help businesses improve product conversion rates?

In December 2022, OpenAI developed an AI chatbot called ChatGPT, marking a significant shift in people’s perception of chatbots. Historically, many AI chatbots were perceived as rigid, lacking emotion, and struggling to engage in fluent conversations. However, ChatGPT has changed this narrative by seamlessly conversing with users and providing natural and fluent responses. Looking ahead, what are the potential applications of AI chatbots in businesses? How will they help improve conversion rates?

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Chatbot Boosts Business Sales Growth

Companies from around the world are now focusing on chatbots as the next frontier of online development. Chatbots have also become the fastest medium for brand communication. Over the past two years, the market size has grown by 92%. In 2020, nearly a quarter of buyers communicated with companies through chatbots, representing a 13% increase. In the past 12 months, 67% of global consumers have interacted with chatbots.

According to a survey by the business magazine Forbes, chatbots effectively contribute to a 67% increase in sales for companies. Among these sales, 26% are achieved through chatbot interactions leading to conversion rates, while an additional 35% of business leaders indicate that chatbots complete sales transactions.


Chatbot Conversational Approach Increases Marketing Conversion Rates

dumbChat closely monitors customer consumption behavior in real-time. Additionally, chatbots can assist businesses in providing better customer experiences, enhancing customer satisfaction, and increasing marketing conversion rates.

  1. Provide personalized conversation experiences: Chatbots can offer personalized conversation experiences based on different user needs. This approach allows users to feel more attention and engagement, thus encouraging them to make purchases.
  2. Automatically answer user questions: Chatbots can automatically respond to user inquiries, saving users time and increasing customer satisfaction.
  3. Recommend related products and services: Chatbots can analyze user needs and recommend relevant products and services, making it easier for users to find what they need.
  4. Provide real-time support and service: Chatbots can offer real-time support and service, assisting users in problem-solving and increasing customer satisfaction, thereby boosting conversion rates.

Chatbot Simplifies the Purchasing Process

Many websites nowadays feature real-time chat interfaces where interested users can purchase services or products. Buyers can be directed to specific web pages for promotional sales. Chatbots can act as customer service agents in real-time conversations, thereby enhancing the communication experience between customers and support staff. During conversations, chatbots automatically detect keywords and transfer the chat to a team of live customer service agents. This personalized experience helps customers feel valued, potentially leading to repeat purchases or fostering customer loyalty.

Robots can reply 24/7, providing faster responses compared to human agents. Technological advancements also offer more opportunities for businesses. In today’s companies and enterprises, staying abreast of technological advancements and investing in chatbots not only reduces labor, time, and costs but also optimizes customer service and enhances sales.


dumbChat Chatbot

dumbChat’s chatbot is equipped with a self-learning artificial intelligence system. Simply inputting the shopping website allows the AI system to automatically gather all product information, including product queries, inventory, delivery times, and more. Combined with AI’s natural language processing technology, it provides round-the-clock service to customers, facilitating transactions and increasing conversion rates.

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Last Updated on 2024-03-19

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