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【Consumer Voucher Attraction Strategy】Applicable to Retail, Dining, Service, or Education Industries


I believe you are already aware that the government will distribute electronic consumption vouchers of 10,000 yuan, divided into two installments of 5,000 yuan each on April 7th and mid-year.

If you are in the retail, service, or education industry, how can you seize this opportunity to attract more consumers? This article will provide you with the most detailed examples.Before we begin, let’s first break down a common misconception.

Misconception: “We’re just a small shop, and vouchers don’t help us much.”

Assuming you own a pet store and you do not offer vouchers, but other pet stores do. Your existing customers might switch to your competitors’ stores to make purchases because of the vouchers.

Therefore, offering voucher discounts is not just about “attacking” to attract new customers but also about “defending” to retain existing ones.

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The most comprehensive strategy for attracting customers with vouchers

The three main purposes of offering voucher discounts are: attracting new customers, encouraging repeat business from existing customers, and increasing the average transaction amount.

Below, there will be references for pricing benefits. You can also download Ai design drafts for free and customize them with your own promotions and product photos.

Reference for different voucher discounts

  • Discount Tactic 1: Enjoy a 30% discount on the entire bill when you spend $X using the voucher.This is the most commonly used discount, simple and easy to understand. The goal is to increase the amount spent per transaction. However, be mindful that offering too much discount may impact profit margins. This is more suitable for stores with a higher frequency of repeat transactions.
  • Discount Tactic 2: Receive a complimentary product when you spend $X using the voucher.Assuming you give away a product valued at $200, with an actual cost of $80. This kind of offer is relatively moderate. Of course, the complimentary product should be enticing enough to attract customers.
  • Discount Tactic 3: Purchase a specified product with the voucher and enjoy a half-price discount.This is commonly used for clearing inventory, such as products nearing expiration or those that have been in stock for too long. The discount for this offer should be substantial, for example, a half-price discount, to make it attractive.

Reference for discount design


  • Don’t be too greedy; focus on one promotional message.
  • Details of the voucher plan with the logo
  • Accepted payment methods
  • A prominent photo of a flagship product

Free download of Ai design drafts

  • Include logos for all payment systems in Hong Kong.
  • Include the voucher in PNG format.
  • Total file size is 11 MB.
  • Please download the file when connected to Wi-Fi.

How to promote voucher discounts

  • Promotional channel to attract new customers: Post on the Facebook page and use ad promotion.I believe there’s no need to elaborate; this is the most common practice.
  •  If your business is local, you can run local ads on Facebook.For example, if your store is located in Kwun Tong, you can target ads specifically to the Kwun Tong area.

Target ads in Kwun Tong District with Facebook Ad Manager

  • Promotional channel for repeat business from existing customers: Use WhatsApp to notify customers of special offers.

If you have a small number of existing customers, you can certainly notify each customer individually through WhatsApp. However, if you have several hundred or even over a thousand customers, this would consume a significant amount of time.

You need to use WhatsApp tools to handle this for you.

dumChat not only provides broadcasting features but also offers Alipay or WeChat Pay payment links. After customers click on the link, they can instantly use the voucher to check out.

In just three minutes, use dumbChat to send voucher discounts on WhatsApp

With one click, all old customers receive discount notifications

1.How to use dumbChat broadcast to offer discounts to customers

Step 1: Click on the left-hand broadcast icon to enter the broadcast page.

Step 2: Click on “Add” to create a new broadcast.

Step 3: Fill in the relevant broadcast message according to your needs and click “Save.”

Step 4: Click on the small airplane icon to send the broadcast message to the corresponding users.

2. Provide Alipay payment link on WhatsApp

Step 1: Choose a product or service, then add it to the shopping cart.

Step 2: Choose to pay with Alipay and click “Send.”

Step 3: Send the payment to the customer

dumbChat Interface

Messages received by the customer on WhatsApp

It’s just that simple! If you’d like to learn more about dumbChat’s additional features, feel free to contact us.

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Last Updated on 2023-12-22

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