FB Marketing Series | How to Set Up Facebook Ads? Teaching You How to Target Marketing Precisely


There are many marketing methods available, and traditional marketing approaches such as distributing flyers, placing ads in newspapers, and airing on television all have a significant drawback: they lack a specific target, making precise marketing difficult. In contrast, Facebook advertising differs from these marketing methods. As long as your targeting is precise enough, Facebook can push your ads to the right audience, resulting in a high conversion rate.

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While it may seem promising, achieving precision marketing can be quite challenging. Facebook advertising can indeed achieve precision marketing, but it requires the right settings to deliver your ads to your target audience. Let’s take a look at how to set this up.

Creating Ads 

To set up Facebook ads, you first need to access the Ad Manager page and create a new FB ad in your advertising campaign.


Ad Objectives

The ad objective is what you aim to achieve with your Facebook campaign and the desired outcomes. You can choose your ad objective from there.


Creating Ad Audiences

This is a crucial step. Facebook’s AI will push the ads to the right customers based on your audience settings. You can choose to create a new audience or use saved ad settings. The second option involves using the settings of an audience you’ve already saved, which you can re-enable without the need for reconfiguration. If it’s your first time, you’ll need to create a new ad audience.


When creating a new ad audience, you can set parameters such as location, age, gender, language, interests, and more based on your requirements. You can also use a feature called ‘Lookalike Audience.’ This involves inputting customer data, such as names, email addresses, and phone numbers. Facebook’s AI will then automatically find people who are similar to the inputted customers. Sometimes, this can yield better results than setting the ad audience manually.

Location Settings 

Within Facebook’s ad settings, there’s a feature called ‘Location Settings,’ which allows you to target people who have been to specific locations. Facebook has access to location data for each user, and you can view your own visited places through this link. This works the same way for other users. You can set a radius and push ads to people who have visited particular locations.


And there’s a little trick: if you directly input the name of a city, you’ll get an approximate 17 km radius. While this might be a small range for some places, it can be relatively large for a city like Hong Kong. However, if you specify a particular street, you can narrow down the radius to 1km. There’s also a function to exclude specific locations.


Other Settings 

Facebook also allows you to adjust settings based on user age, gender, language, interests, and more. These settings should be tailored to your specific needs. In Hong Kong, you might not need to specify a language since some people use the English interface. However, one inconvenience is that you can’t exclude people based on age or language, meaning you can’t exclude those who speak a particular language.


Setting Up Ad Layout

There are two options for ad layout: ‘Automatic Placement’ and ‘Manual Placement.’ In most cases, selecting ‘Automatic Placement’ is sufficient, as Facebook’s AI for ‘Automatic Placement’ often performs better than manual placement.

Ad Copy 

Finally, there’s the ad copy that appears in front of customers. You can choose to use posts already published on your Facebook page, or you can create a new post. If you opt for creating a post, you can set it as a Dark Post by default, meaning it will only appear in the form of an ad in front of users and won’t be visible on your Facebook page. You can choose the method that suits your needs.


Facebook advertising is an extremely useful marketing tool. As long as your settings are precise, Facebook’s AI will deliver your ads accurately to every potential user, resulting in a higher conversion rate. While conversion rates vary depending on the industry and objectives, data suggests that the average conversion rate for Facebook ads is approximately around 9%-10%.

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Last Updated on 2023-10-30

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