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Whatsapp API

WhatsApp Official Business API vs Third-Party Business API

WhatsApp has a significant user base in Hong Kong, and many businesses prioritise using WhatsApp as a communication platform with their customers.  However, the features provided by regular WhatsApp may not fully meet business needs. Therefore, WhatsApp introduced WhatsApp Business,

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【WhatsApp API Guide】Here’s Everything You Need to Know about WhatsApp Cloud API

In May 2022, Meta announced the launch of a new cloud system called the "WhatsApp Cloud API," also known as "WhatsApp Business Accounts in the Cloud." This means that businesses will have two different ways to use the WhatsApp API

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WhatsApp API

[WhatsApp Business API] How to Get the Official WhatsApp API and What Does it Do?

WhatsApp can be said to be the most frequently used instant messaging application in Hong Kong and is also one of the world’s most widely used instant messaging platforms. Many businesses and merchants use WhatsApp to communicate with customers, making

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[WhatsApp Tips] How to Sync Contacts on WhatsApp?

Contact synchronization is a widely used feature on mobile phones, allowing you to add friends' and family members’ phone numbers to your contact list. When using WhatsApp, you can enable the feature to sync contacts, adding those who are using

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