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WhatsApp Official Business API vs Third-Party Business API

Whatsapp API

WhatsApp has a significant user base in Hong Kong, and many businesses prioritise using WhatsApp as a communication platform with their customers. 

However, the features provided by regular WhatsApp may not fully meet business needs. Therefore, WhatsApp introduced WhatsApp Business, a version tailored for business use. 

There are two types of WhatsApp API: the official Business API and third-party APIs.

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WhatsApp Official Business API VS Third-Party Business API

There are pros and cons for these two APIs.WhatsApp Official Business API offers the highest level of legitimacy as it is authorised by WhatsApp. After registering an official Business API account, businesses may apply for a Green Tick verification mark, instilling greater trust in customers.

However, there are restrictions where message templates require approval before being sent to customers.On the other hand, third-party APIs may offer more flexibility in terms of features and customization options. You will not need to create a message template and have it approved before sending them. Integration with third-party APIs could also be quicker and more straightforward. While the cons are businesses using third-party APIs might not have access to official support channels.

Advantages of Using Third-Party API


Third-Party APIOfficial Business API
Application ThresholdNo specific requirements, can be used immediately after applicationRequires document submission
No. of Device ConnectionNo limitationsConnect up to 20 phone numbers (after verifying business on Facebook)
Message ContentNo need for pre-approvalTemplate messages require approval before sending
Connection TimeCan be connected immediatelyBusinesses are required to go through verification before using
PricingPricing varies depending on API providers

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Usage-based (with different pricing in different regions)

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Advantages of Using Official Business API

Official Business APIThird-Party API
LegitimacyMay apply for a Green Tick mark, signifying official recognitionLack official certification
SecurityAuthorised by WhatsApp

Higher credibility, reducing the risk of being reported by customers

Provide security measures for data transmission
Message quantity limitsAfter completing Facebook Business verification, businesses can send up to 1,000 messages every 24 hours. 

If usage remains favorable, this limit can be upgraded to sending 10,000 messages every 24 hours

No restrictions on the number of messages sent. 

However, there is a greater risk of account suspension by the platform.

How to Choose between WhatsApp Official Business API and Third-Party API

Businesses should consider their specific needs. In most cases, the official API is more suitable for large enterprises. Large enterprises require official certification from WhatsApp to gain customer trust, and they often have higher message volume demands and stricter security requirements. The official API can meet these needs, albeit with more stringent application and cost requirements.

For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the third-party API is generally sufficient. SMEs typically have fewer customers and do not require customised systems for additional customer service needs. Most third-party APIs offer features that can meet the daily customer service needs of SMEs at a lower cost and without the complexity of application processes.

In summary, when your business is in its initial stages or is relatively small, opting for a suitable third-party API can minimise the time and cost of application. However, as your business grows, it becomes necessary to apply for the official API to gain official certification, which enhances customer trust.

WhatsApp API

dumbChat System

dumbChat is a messaging management system that utilizes WhatsApp official API and third-party API to integrate various instant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, website chatbots, Facebook, WeChat, and more. It allows businesses to communicate with customers through different instant messaging software on the same platform and supports multiple agents logging in simultaneously to handle customer messages.

dumbChat offers convenient message management features including multi-agent login, scheduled broadcast messaging, automatic keyword replies, customer service delegation, tagging for classification, and quick replies. It enables businesses to record customer data, preferences, follow-up progress, etc., thereby enhancing customer service efficiency. The 24/7 AI chatbot service saves time and costs by handling routine inquiries, allowing staff to focus on more complex customer service tasks.

Additionally, dumbChat provides data analysis features such as customer source tracking, product purchase records, chat data analysis, etc. These reports offer clear insights into customer behaviour, helping businesses understand their customers better, identify more business opportunities, and uncover potential leads.


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