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【WhatsApp API Guide】Here’s Everything You Need to Know about WhatsApp Cloud API

In May 2022, Meta announced the launch of a new cloud system called the “WhatsApp Cloud API,” also known as “WhatsApp Business Accounts in the Cloud.” This means that businesses will have two different ways to use the WhatsApp API functionality. One way is the existing method of purchasing API services through “WhatsApp Business Solution Providers,” and now there is another option, which is to directly utilize the WhatsApp Cloud API.

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What is WhatsApp Cloud API?

The WhatsApp Cloud API is a cloud-based system provided by Meta that offers similar functionalities to the on-premises WhatsApp Business API. 

These functionalities include connecting large numbers of customer service representatives, customers, or chatbots, integrating with e-commerce platforms and CRM systems, sending bulk messages, and showcasing products and accepting payments on WhatsApp.

However, the difference lies in the location of the servers. The servers for the WhatsApp Cloud API are located in Meta’s data centers in Europe and America, while the servers for the on-premises WhatsApp Business API are housed in the data centers of WhatsApp BSPs. 

In the near future, the functionalities of the WhatsApp Cloud API will be fully equivalent to those of the on-premises WhatsApp Business API. The main differences between the two are as follows:

WhatsApp Cloud APIWhatsApp Business API
Server LocationMeta data centersWhatsApp Business Solution Providers’ data centers
API Acquisition
  • Purchase from providers offering cloud APIs 
  • Or Develop and connect to Meta’s cloud APIs
Purchase WhatsApp API services from WhatsApp Business Solution Providers
API ProtocolGraph APIOn-Premises REST API
Message Sending and Receiving Volume
(Messages per Second/MPS)
80 MPS (Standard)
500 MPS (Upgraded)
250 MPS


How to Use the WhatsApp Cloud API?

To use the WhatsApp Cloud API, you need to have programming knowledge and follow these steps to register and utilize it through the Meta for Developers platform:

  1. Create Developer Resources and Set Platform Permissions: Register an account on the Meta for Developers platform and set up permissions for your application.
  2. Send Test Messages: Begin by sending test messages to ensure your setup is working correctly.
  3. Set Up Webhooks: Configure webhooks to receive messages from WhatsApp Cloud API.
  4. Receive Test Messages: Make sure you can successfully receive test messages through the configured webhook.
  5. Register WhatsApp Business Account (WABA): Register your WhatsApp Business Account on the Meta for Developers platform.
  6. Verify Phone Number: Complete the phone number verification process for your WhatsApp Business Account.

Integrating with the WhatsApp Business API can also be quite complicated. However, dumbChat offers a service to connect to the WhatsApp Business API!

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WhatsApp Cloud API Pricing

The pricing for the WhatsApp Cloud API involves charges primarily based on sending and receiving messages, with the billing structure based on conversations. The pricing may vary across different countries or regions.

For the Asia-Pacific region, which includes the following countries or territories: Hong Kong, Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Japan, Laos, Mongolia, Nepal, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam,.

WhatsApp Business API  Pricing List

International and Regional PricingUser-Initiated ConversationsBusiness-Initiated Conversations
Hong Kong and Asia-Pacific RegionUSD $0.0745USD $0.0224
United KingdomUSD $0.0647USD $0.0388
United States and CanadaUSD $0.0147USD $0.0088
MalaysiaUSD $0.0732USD $0.0220
FranceUSD $0.1432USD $0.0859
ItalyUSD $0.0643USD $0.0386

Please refer to the Meta official website for more detailed pricing information.

If you are purchasing WhatsApp Cloud API services through a third-party provider, the pricing may vary. You can choose different plans according to your needs.

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