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CRM System | Increasing Customer Conversion Rate with CRM System


When businesses engage in marketing, they not only need to focus on generating traffic but also consider the issue of conversion rate, which is the percentage of customers who enter your website or online store and ultimately make a purchase. Improving conversion rates directly involves increasing customers’ willingness to make a purchase.

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How to Calculate Conversion Rate? 

The process of customers going from entering a website or online store to completing a conversion is like a funnel: 

  1. Browsing the website 
  2. Learning about the products
  3. Inquiring with customer service 
  4. Adding to the shopping cart 
  5. Making a purchase

This process is called the Conversion Funnel, and the conversion rate is calculated by dividing the number of conversions (completed transactions) by the total traffic and then multiplying by 100%.


In simple terms, if 1,000 people visit your website and 100 people purchase your products, the conversion rate is 10%. Sometimes, websites have a high number of visitors, but very few people make purchases. In such cases, the conversion rate is low, and it’s essential to investigate if there are issues with the website.


How to Use CRM System to Increase Conversion Rate

A CRM system, short for Customer Relationship Management, is a system that directly handles the relationships between businesses and their customers and potential customers. Since CRM systems interact directly with customers, many features can effectively enhance conversion rates.

Customer Service System 

The customer service system is a significant component of CRM, allowing customers to communicate directly with the business to learn more about products. When customers take the initiative to inquire about a product or service, it indicates a strong intent to make a purchase. Effective communication between customer service and customers is crucial at this stage. The ability to respond quickly and address customer questions is a key function of a CRM system.

dumbChat is an all-in-one instant messaging platform that allows customers to communicate with businesses through various platforms like WhatsApp, FB Messenger, and company website chatbots. During customer interactions, the system can provide automatic responses using keywords and chatbots to address simple inquiries. In more complex interactions with customer service, quick response features can expedite problem resolution, including sending product information, purchase links, store addresses, and more. If a customer service agent encounters a problem they can’t solve, they can reassign the customer to another agent, ultimately improving customer conversion rates.


Membership System

A membership system is a part of CRM systems, and many businesses use it to enhance conversion rates. Customers can become members by meeting certain criteria, such as providing information or reaching a certain spending threshold. Businesses can then offer members specific benefits and privileges. Once a customer becomes a member, they are more likely to prioritize that business when purchasing similar products, thus increasing the conversion rate.

dumbChat allows businesses to tag customers as members. Each customer service agent can see which customers have become members, and this can be leveraged to convert potential customers into actual customers. All customer data is recorded in the system, making it easy for customer service agents to retrieve and provide better service, ultimately boosting the conversion rate.

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Customization is a key feature of CRM systems, allowing businesses to tailor their offerings to meet customer expectations. This can include personalized pricing, promotions, custom products, and more. Customer communication through CRM systems allows businesses to understand customer needs and preferences and customize their offerings accordingly. Customization not only makes customers feel valued but also increases the likelihood of successful transactions.

dumbChat also supports the implementation of specialized business plans for customers, allowing businesses to communicate with customers from various platforms and keep records of their past purchases and associated prices. This enables businesses to offer customized solutions, ultimately increasing the conversion rate.

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dumbChat System

dumbChat is an instant social communication platform that connects with WhatsApp, official website chatbots, Facebook, WeChat, and more. It allows businesses to communicate with customers through various instant messaging software on the same platform and supports multiple users handling customer messages simultaneously.

dumbChat is a convenient message management system that offers features like multi-user login, scheduled broadcast, keyword auto-reply, agent delegation, tagging, and quick responses. It can record customer data, preferences, and follow-up progress, enhancing customer service efficiency. The 24/7 AI robot can save time and costs, allowing employees to focus on more complex customer service tasks. The data analysis feature provides reports on customer sources, purchase records, chat data analysis, and more, helping businesses understand their customers, identify more opportunities, and uncover potential customers.


With numerous similar products in the market, convincing customers to choose your business and increasing conversion rates is a challenge. A robust CRM system is essential, and dumbChat allows you to better serve your customers, making them feel valued and more likely to purchase your products, ultimately increasing conversion rates.

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