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【WhatsApp Business Tutorial】Registering WhatsApp Business with numbers starting with 2 or 3!


WhatsApp is almost ubiquitous in Hong Kong, with many companies and merchants using it to communicate with customers. WhatsApp also has a dedicated version for businesses called “WhatsApp Business.” It’s often cumbersome to register as it requires an additional SIM card. However, it’s entirely possible to register WhatsApp Business using phone numbers starting with 2 or 3 digits.

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Differences between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp

WhatsApp Business is specifically developed for enterprises and merchants, offering a version of WhatsApp with a similar interface to the regular one but with additional features. For instance, businesses can apply for official verification from WhatsApp, providing customers with increased confidence during communication. It allows the establishment of a business profile, enabling customers to quickly learn about your company. Moreover, it includes features such as automated replies and the creation of product catalogs, making communication with customers more convenient.

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Registering WhatsApp Business with numbers starting with 2 or 3

1.Download WhatsApp Business

First, you need to download the latest version of “WhatsApp Business.” For iOS, you can download it from the App Store, and for Android, you can download it from Google Play. Even if you already have WhatsApp on your phone, you can still download WhatsApp Business and use both WhatsApp applications simultaneously.

2.Registering a WhatsApp Business Account

When you open WhatsApp Business, it will prompt you to choose whether to use your existing phone number to register for WhatsApp Business. If you select to use this number, your personal version of WhatsApp will be converted to WhatsApp Business, and your conversation history will automatically transfer over. Learn more: [WhatsApp Business Tutorial] WhatsApp Personal Version to WhatsApp Business Tutorial!

However, at this point, you should choose the option “Use a different number” at the bottom. Then you can input a phone number starting with 2 or 3 digits, and you will be prompted to enter a 6-digit verification code. If you are using an iPhone, it will directly pop up a message saying “Cannot forward SMS,” and after confirming, it will prompt you to “Call Me.” If you are using Android, you will directly see the option “Call Me.”

After receiving the phone call, enter the corresponding 6-digit verification code, and your registration will be successful. Then, input all your company information into WhatsApp Business, and your WhatsApp Business account will be ready to use!

Communicating with Your Customers Using dumbChat

Although WhatsApp Business offers many useful features, it still falls short in meeting the needs of businesses to a large extent. For example, the lack of functionalities like broadcast messaging and multi-user logins can make direct communication with customers inconvenient. However, by using dumbChat, you can achieve features such as multi-user login for the same WhatsApp account and enhanced broadcast messaging capabilities that better align with business requirements. Additionally, dumbChat allows for automatic replies based on keywords, making it easier to address simple customer inquiries. Contact us now to try dumbChat for free!

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