【Chatbot Application】What are the characteristics of an excellent chatbot ?


In recent years, artificial intelligence and automation have become major trends in technological development. AI-generated art has led to many artists fearing unemployment, while ChatGPT, after extensive text learning, though still prone to errors during conversation, can almost engage in normal dialogues with humans, showcasing remarkable intelligence. With technological advancements, ChatBots have become increasingly intelligent and are being applied in various fields. Moreover, most smartphones nowadays are equipped with artificial intelligence, such as iOS’s Siri, Microsoft’s Xiaoice, Xiaomi’s Xiaoai, etc., all of which are types of ChatBots.

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What is the principle of ChatBot?

As the name suggests, a ChatBot is an application that can converse with humans using text or speech. Some simpler ChatBots merely extract keywords from input sentences and retrieve corresponding responses from a database. On the other hand, more complex ChatBots are equipped with natural language processing systems. For example, ChatGPT is one of the most popular ChatBots currently. After extensive training, it can engage in nearly natural conversations with humans. Natural language processing systems can analyze and process large amounts of natural language data, providing them with high language comprehension and text generation capabilities. They can generate appropriate responses based on context.

At that time, for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), it was indeed impossible to develop their own ChatBot through this method. Comparatively, using keywords to respond to common questions from customers, along with the working style of human customer service, remained more suitable for SMEs. This is where dumbChat’s ChatBot comes in, developed specifically for this purpose!

What are the characteristics of an excellent ChatBot?

1. Clear purpose

For businesses, an excellent ChatBot can indeed be helpful, but it’s crucial that the “purpose” is very clear. The purpose can vary depending on the specific goals of the business, such as “addressing customer inquiries while using products,” “guiding customers to understand the operation mode of the website,” or “leading users into the sales process.”

2.  User-friendly

Nowadays, customers’ patience is decreasing, and if they don’t get the correct answer quickly, they may leave, leaving a bad impression. It’s essential to make it easy for customers to use and easy to get started with. When interacting with a ChatBot, customers shouldn’t feel stuck; there should always be options for the next step.

3. Personality

Imagine, would you prefer a stiff and humorless ChatBot or a witty and humorous one? Therefore, don’t just fill your ChatBot with business affairs; find ways to make it “come alive.” A good start is giving your ChatBot a name, which can be based on the brand characteristics of your company. A great example is Progressive’s Flo. Besides asking about sales and services, you can also ask her questions about her birth, where she grew up, and similar topics.


In what scenarios will ChatBots be applied in enterprises?

1. Online customer service

According to LivePerson’s survey, at least 67% of consumers globally have encountered ChatBots in customer service-related scenarios, and this number is expected to increase over time. ChatBots not only help businesses save on the costs of human customer service but also assist in retaining customers. With the rise of online shopping, customers have more choices when purchasing a product. However, when customers inquire about certain products from a company and don’t receive an immediate response, they are likely to choose the same product from another company. Using ChatBots enables businesses to provide customer service 24/7, promptly responding to customer inquiries and retaining users, which can be challenging for human customer service representatives.

Jikuzuki Machi is a Japanese teppanyaki izakaya located in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong. After implementing dumbchat, they simplified their menu content and pre-set it. Now, when customers inquire, they receive immediate responses, reducing wait times and significantly increasing customer satisfaction. dumbchat’s ChatBot operates 24/7, accurately answering customer inquiries whenever they arise.

2.Assisting customers in product reservations

This is also one of the common ways ChatBots are used. The ChatBot communicates with customers in real-time, guiding them step by step through the entire conversation process, collecting necessary information such as the customer’s name, email, phone number, booking time, etc. Additionally, it reminds customers when their scheduled time is approaching.

Sing Cheung Mini Storage is a leading low-cost storage company in Hong Kong, established in 2001. After implementing dumbchat’s ChatBot, customers can now seamlessly collect the necessary information about the size and location of the mini storage they need, all through the step-by-step guidance of the ChatBot. This provides customers with a smooth and attentive service experience, akin to a breath of fresh air.

3.Helping with enterprise marketing

ChatBots respond with personalized messages based on certain keywords entered by customers and push relevant product and service information. More advanced ChatBots may even collect customer preferences through big data and push products and services of interest to customers, conducting targeted marketing to increase product conversion rates.

Toyzone is a toy market. Before using dumbChat, customers had to visit the official website to check if the toy products were available, which was quite troublesome. However, after implementing dumbchat, the ChatBot automatically responds to customers’ inquiries about product information using artificial intelligence’s NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology. It also tracks customer behavior and sends interested customers relevant products in real-time, conducting targeted marketing.


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Last Updated on 2024-03-11

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