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In the era of digital marketing, everyone with a smartphone has at least one instant messaging app. And surveys show that WhatsApp is the most widely used in Hong Kong, with 96% of Hong Kongers using WhatsApp. As a business owner in Hong Kong, it’s time for you to start considering using WhatsApp for marketing!

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Why Use WhatsApp for Marketing?

1. WhatsApp is the Most Popular Instant Messaging App in Hong Kong

According to surveys WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messaging app globally, with over 2 billion users, making it the top choice worldwide and also in Hong Kong. Additionally, according to a survey by Experian marketing Services Experian Marketing Services, the average age of WhatsApp users is 36, with 70% of users falling between the ages of 18 to 44. This age range aligns with the target audience for most businesses in Hong Kong


2.People Prefer Using Instant Messaging Apps for Communication Nowadays

In the past, many businesses used phone calls to reach potential customers, and people didn’t have much aversion to phone calls at that time. However, with the development of the internet age, various communication methods have become increasingly widespread. Compared to phone calls or video chats, people now tend to prefer simple text-based communication. The primary reason for this preference is that text-based communication allows users to choose when to respond and carefully consider their responses, giving them more control. This shift has made users less receptive to receiving various sales calls.

According to a survey by Business2Community , now in the United States, over 90% of American teenagers prefer using text messages for communication. Phone marketing has also ceased to be the most effective sales method. Using WhatsApp to cater to businesses’ audiences and potential customers is a trend-following approach.

3. WhatsApp Allows for Chatbot Integration to Assist in Marketing

A chatbot, also known as a chat robot, is an artificial intelligence that can respond with relevant information based on the content sent by users. Once set up, artificial intelligence can handle many customer service tasks and provide continuous service to customers 24/7 without the issue of not responding to customer messages. It is an excellent tool for business marketing, and setting up a corresponding chatbot on WhatsApp is easy, making it a valuable asset for your marketing strategy.


4. WhatsApp Enables Conversational Marketing for Personalized Customer Service

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the internet, traditional methods of advertising and marketing alone are no longer sufficient. With an abundance of similar products and services available, consumers have more choices than ever before, making them increasingly selective. Even the slightest dissatisfaction can lead them to switch to a different provider. However, each user’s preferences are unique. This is where businesses can leverage WhatsApp to engage in conversational marketing, establishing connections with individual users and providing personalized services.

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WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app in the world, offering a wide range of features such as sending text messages via mobile and computer, voice and video calls, using voice memos, sharing photos, and more. These features make WhatsApp an excellent instant messaging platform and a highly valuable marketing tool. Ideally, it should be complemented with a corresponding customer service system and chatbot to tap into more potential users and provide better customer service.

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Last Updated on 2023-10-30

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