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WhatsApp Chatbot liberates your hands! No need to manually reply to messages anymore.

Most businesses and merchants using WhatsApp often encounter this situation: sometimes there are many customers simultaneously inquiring, and it becomes difficult to respond promptly, leading to missing out on some customer inquiries. Moreover, most of the time, the answers to these inquiries are quite similar. Thus, repeatedly sending the same messages to different customers is a waste of manpower and resources. To address this issue, WhatsApp Chatbots are being applied in e-commerce services.

dumbChat.AI is a system that connects and integrates your social media and instant messaging accounts such as WhatsApp, FB messenger etc.. The intelligent robot can quickly respond to customer needs, automatically process orders and speed up transactions. Click here for pricing details.

What is a chatbot?

As early as 1988, the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory introduced the first generation chatbot, ELIZA. Since then, with the continuous development of artificial intelligence technology, chatbots are now widely used in various fields. Nowadays, most smartphones are equipped with corresponding artificial intelligence that can respond with relevant content based on your conversations. This is also a form of chatbot.

Benefits of using chatbot ?

Saving manpower costs

Using chatbots can save a significant amount of manpower costs. Most of the customers’ questions are similar, and by inputting the answers to these questions into an AI system, chatbots can respond with relevant information based on keywords from the customers, addressing their inquiries. This eliminates the need for too many customer service personnel.

Prompt response to customers

Chatbots are essentially programs. When a customer asks a question, the system instantly searches for the answer in the database and can promptly provide a response. Chatbots can work 24/7, even when customer service personnel are not available, ensuring timely assistance to customers.

No missing out on customers

As the number of inquiries from customers increases, customer service personnel often struggle to respond to all of them, resulting in delayed or missed responses to some customers’ questions. However, when using chatbots, they can receive and promptly respond to every message from customers, thus avoiding the occurrence of missed messages and ensuring quick and efficient service.

How to use chatbots

With the powerful functionality of chatbots, how can you use them on WhatsApp? For the personal version of WhatsApp, you can configure a chatbot through dumbchat. If you’re using WhatsApp Business, you can also utilize Facebook’s official API.

WhatsApp Business API

The WhatsApp Business API was developed by Facebook to meet the needs of various large enterprises. To use Facebook’s official API, businesses must undergo official business verification through Facebook. First, they need to register an account in Facebook’s Business Manager and complete the verification process. After that, they can proceed to set up the API with the official WhatsApp Business API provider designated by Facebook to become an official business account (WhatsApp Official Account). Among the numerous functionalities offered by the WhatsApp Business API, there is the chatbot feature. Enterprises can choose different WhatsApp Business API providers based on their specific needs.

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dumbChat chatbot

dumbChat Chatbot is an AI chatbot equipped with self-learning capabilities, providing uninterrupted 24/7 service to completely avoid missing customer responses and save on customer service costs. The dumbChat chatbot automatically analyzes the products and services of the enterprise and can immediately provide accurate answers and product inquiries to customers as soon as they ask questions, thereby improving the quality of service for the enterprise. Of course, there is still a significant gap between the service provided by chatbots and human service. The combination of chatbots and human customer service can provide customers with the best service experience.

dumbChat system

dumbChat is a real-time social communication platform that allows simultaneous logins to different instant messaging platforms, connecting WhatsApp, FB Messenger, and corporate websites. It also supports multiple logins for simultaneous handling of customer messages.

We have developed a convenient message management system, including features such as multi-login, broadcast messaging, automatic replies based on keywords, delegation of customer service, tagging and classification, and quick replies. These functionalities allow for real-time recording of customer data, thereby enhancing customer service efficiency. Additionally, our 24/7 chatbot service saves a significant amount of time and costs, enabling employees to better serve customers. Furthermore, our data analytics feature provides clear reports on customer sources, chat analysis, and more, helping you understand your customers and seize more business opportunities.

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